Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pugs in the Park

We finally made it back to our local pug meet up group after almost a year! The girls were very excited about it. You can't take the crate to the car before you are ready to go because they will FLIP OUT once they know they get to go somewhere.
We met this dude, who had just gotten shaved. Look at this skinny tail! And his rolls were so visible. So so precious! I think his name was Mack.
Emma always hides under her mom and chases away any other pugs who come near her.
Louie. He was a breeder dog before he got adopted, and is really shy. I want to pick him up so bad!
Little miss Priscilla. Our usual spot is still under construction, so we ended up in the mud.
Mack again. There was a white pug there too! But I never got a good picture. There was a sweet black girl named Bunk, and two pregnant pugs! And two 6 month old puppies, one with a pink nose! I love getting to pet all the pugs. 
A non-pug friend. I guess that is allowed. Haha.
Travis really wanted to try shaving Priscilla, so we did it when we got home. Look at how apprehensive she is.
So fun! She didn't mind, except when it got to her neck. The buzzing was loud.We had a guard on it of course. It is the one Travis uses to cut his hair.
She had to run it off as soon as we released her. Look at that tail!

Here is our little prized catch! She looks pretty cute. More white, and you can see her spots.


  1. Awwww! Pug Fest! They're all so damned adorable. When I was a kid, my piano teacher had two pugs named Happy and...something. They'd lick my feet as I played the piano in my sandals. Good times.

    1. cute! i found out recently that my grandmother had a pug when she was little, a black one named RADIO! she doesn't have a pic though, which KILLS ME. i'm kind of obsessed with naming my next pug radio. So perfect.

  2. My pugs could use some shaving but I don't think they'd sit still long enough to get it done..I just might try it lol I'm so sick of fur everywhere lol

    1. the lady who had her pug shaved said she did it because of the shedding! she said it made a huge difference. i can't really tell because there is still phyllis, and the three cats. it was REALLY hard to get her shaved! we really only did her back, hahah, poor patchy little thing.

  3. These puggy photos are too cute. I would not like my hairs cut, because I am always cold. And here in the NW- it still feels like winter (well sometimes).
    All these photos are too precious- they make us smile.

    1. I think Priscilla loves it! She is always hot down here in the south! I wish you could come to our pug meetup tweedles! i love seeing the little pugs every month!

  4. I cant take all the pug cuteness! I have been trying to adopt a weiner dog (yes that is THE official name!) but seeing all the pug pics you post makes me want to get a rescue pug.

    such cuteness!

    1. so before we got pugs, we were going to adopt a dachshund! for real. we ended up getting a pug instead because dachshunds have a big prey drive and apparently for them to live happily with cats you usually want to get them as puppies, and we wanted to rescue. dachshunds are my second favorite kind of dog! we dog sit one sometimes and i want to keep her!


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