Monday, March 26, 2012

Travis' Birthday!

As I posted before, Travis' 27th birthday was last Thursday. He didn't want to do anything big, so we just made it a do whatever he wants to do day, which turned into a mall shopping spree somehow. Haha. And somehow I took so many pictures! I tried to narrow it down. Here we are on our way to brunch with our friend Crystal.
We ate at a place we normally love. My food was good as usual (I LOVE their home fries) but there were winged bugs (we think they were termites) flying all over us! I still don't know why we didn't just get up and leave? So we probably won't be back. Which sucks because I really do love having breakfast there.
Travis wanted a new pair of shoes, so we started out near the mall. Look at that cutie. He has a toothpick in his mouth, if you are wondering what that little stick is.
Then we ended up at the mall. Crystal and I both used to work at this candy store. I hadn't been to the mall in so long! It was weird being back. And I think I won't need to be back for a year or two.
We even indulged him and went to REI, his favorite! He bought a new camping hammock. I got to lay in it yesterday and it was totally awesome!
Travis' pluot. Look how good that looks! I wish I had gotten one.
Then we went to his new favorite place, the Coin Purse!
I liked looking through the wooden nickels and 50 cent paper money.
I thought this would be our most boring stop, but it was actually really fun.
Travis has been buying bags of miscellaneous coins and shorting them.
Then of course we ended up at Travis' home away from home. He goes here more than I do. He got on to me about not giving him credit for some of his thrift finds. Usually I just lump them all together. So here is his shout out! Travis has a really good eye for vintage and brings me home goodies all the time.

Ugh, I have a really hard time turning down anything Harry Potter related. I didn't get this castle though, it was missing lots of pieces. And it was huge and I don't need it. 
Friends digging through junk. We had a really good time and were there over an hour!
Sometimes I have to take a picture of something to make it ok for me to leave it there (I'm not crazy I swear!). This box was so cute but there was nothing cute in it. 

Now that our car was packed from our shopping spree, we went to dinner at our favorite vegetarian Indian restaurant. To be fair, there was stuff in the trunk already, we didn't get THAT much stuff.

After dinner we went to Crystal and Marc's house to eat cake and hang out until it was midnight. Travis requested a fudge swirl cake with chocolate icing. 
Crystal got this cute furby at the outlet. It was pretty much perfectly her.
We played Settlers of Catan of course. It takes so long to set up and explain! I always forget that when we teach new people. We didn't get very far before it was time for the movie.
We went to see the Hunger Games at midnight of course! I love midnight movies! And I thought it was really good! The only thing I hated was that she finds the mockingjay pin randomly and it really has no meaning to her, instead of her friend giving it to her because it belonged to her aunt who fought against the capitol. Totally changes the meaning of her wearing it in the arena! But other than that, I thought they did a pretty great job. I can't wait for the next one!


  1. what a fun and filled day! :D

  2. When I went to go see the Hunger Games with my boyfriend he got so pissed at the pin thing, he just said "we have to leave I can't handle this, it's so wrong" haha, I thought it was great though! I was only mad that Buttercup was black and white :D

    1. i surprised i didn't have any other complaints! usually after harry potter i have to rant for days!! haha. yeah, i wanted buttercup to have a smashed in persian face!

  3. That looks like an awesome day! I think that those are the best birthdays - the ones where you get to be king or queen for the day and pick everything. And my god, which diner has the termites?

    1. the nashville biscuit house! we usually love it, but seriously the bugs were swarming when we got there! i still don't know why we didn't leave, and why no one else acted like they saw it. it was GROSS. and the cook was wearing flip flops. what the helllllll

  4. I want to spend my next bday with you guys! That looked like so much FUN! ... and I saw the HG's on Saturday night. I'd have to give it a solid B.

  5. Whoa! That was an action packed day! I can't do *anything* before or after a Goodwill Outlet trip. I always feel like a vampire sucked the life out of me when I'm finished. lol Maybe yours doesn't have people who want to fight at it? ;) I want Indian and cake now, too! Looks like he had an amazing birthday.

    1. i always stay away from the new bins when they put them out because i don't have that fight in me. and most of the people there have no interest in the vintage. they all seem to be looking for power cords to random things, dirty toys, and broken stuff. haha.

  6. Isnt it weird to go to the mall after you've worked there...especially cool springs. Its very eerie. I always have that feeling when I go back. Also, I also saw Hunger Games...we need to plan an outting so we can discuss it. I have definite views.

  7. How much does a bag of coins run from a coin shop? I collect foreign money, but have so far only gotten mine from my own trips and from friends who have traveled. I've never thought about walking into a coin shop to see what they had.

    1. he says it is 8.99 a pound, and they have a box of assorted coins. The guys at the shop put all kinds of stuff in there, and told travis you can find some cool stuff. you aren't really supposed to go through and hand pick what you get, but travis has quickly pulled out stuff he knew he already had. it is a great way to build a collection! he has been loving it.

  8. Aww, happy birthday to him! I love those kinds of days-I do the same on birthdays anymore. Just what I want to do day. Sometimes all I want to do is eat somewhere I love and thrift!
    Maybe the restaurant was having an issue and it will be taken care of in a few months. Here's hoping.
    I had to guess Furby the other day on Draw Something and was like "Oh my gosh! What are those again!" Haha
    Harry! I haven't seen that little castle. My boys love legos and so we have most of those. But, that little thing is fun (yes, unneeded, but fun!)


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