Thursday, April 26, 2012

Collection 14: Cats!

I love cats! When I was gathering this stuff up, I was actually surprised that I don't have more cat stuff. My family isn't in to cats, but Travis loves them! He picked Scampi up at an animal rescue just a few weeks after he moved out of his parents house. I have learned to love them too.
I love that yellow book, it is called "The All Color World of Cats." I keep it propped up like a piece of art. Then there is the siamese paint by number, a cute cloth cat that my mother in law gave me, and two planters! Travis bought the grey planter for his first apartment, he thinks it looks like Scampi (who is draped over my shoulder like a mink stole right now. It is annoying and cute at the same time) The white cat planter was my grandmother's when she was a teenager. I got it when I got her bed. 
Sweet salt and pepper shakers, I love their little feather headdresses.
My great grandfather gave my brother and I these cats when we went up to his farm house when we were little. The laying down one is mine, but my brother let me have his too. I think they are so sweet. That was the only time I met my great grandfather, but I always think of him when I see these kittens. I keep them on  my dresser (which belonged to my grandmother!)
Black cats.
This kitty is from the Goodwill Outlet. It was one of my first vintage finds there! After I brought her home, my cats knocked her off the shelf and her head popped off and her ears got broken. I glued her back together. I still love her. The cats also broke the cutest little glass kitten that hangs on the side of a flower pot. Sometimes they drive me crazy!
I need to ask my parents where this tiny black cat came from. I have had it as long as I can remember, and I'm sure there is a story behind it. It is very small, less than an inch tall!
I LOVE this vintage placemat. I found it in it's package at a thrift store. We keep the cats bowls on it. It is one of my favorite things I've ever found! I love the sweet kitten faces and the neon pink.
And of course I can't talk about my cat collection without mentioning our kitties!
Scampi. She is around 10 years old and a siamese/torti mix.
Murray Hewitt. We got him as a little baby the summer after we got married.

Scout. She was a feral cat that we brought inside just before we moved to our house. It took us months before we could even touch her, but I love her so much! She is tiny and cute, and is really friendly if you are the only one in the room. Someday we want to have a Sphinx cat, but that will be a long time from now, when we're down to just a few pets. 5 is a pretty full house!


  1. KITTIES! I grew up with 2 cats but sadly don't currently have any pets. Until 2 years ago I forced myself not to buy any vintage cat stuff (in fear of being a cat lady) but have recently given in and have accumulated a decent collection of kitty themed goods.

    The tiny black cat is my favorite! I also like the Siamese cat painting, it's well done.

  2. Those salt & pepper shakers are just darling, but your three cats even more so! Yay for having lots of critters! You guys have us beat by one ... though I think my Oonah-belle is probably the same size as all of yours put together ;)

  3. I love your collections. We used to have some collections too

  4. Your collections are SWEEEETTT! I love all the different salt and pepper shakers you own. Whenever you have a dinner party, each person gets his own set I suppose? ;)

    1. haha, actually i usually forget to put out the salt and pepper...

  5. cute!! i have an aqua cat planter like the one in your first photo in my booth! i think i have 2 other little cat figurines (or maybe just 1). at a sale, i wanted the owls out of a box but the lady wanted me to buy the whole box of stuff so i ended up with some different things i might not normally buy!

  6. This is beyond adorable! I am jealous of that vintage placemat... my cat is super messy and I just have a plain, ugly mat under her food dish.

    I wish I could collect real cats, but my Kiwi is a single cat and she makes that known... every time she is around other animals she becomes a nightmare.

  7. I love your cat collection! so cute! I'm well on the way to having a collection too, it makes charity shop shopping so much fun when you have something special you're searching for :)

  8. Oh my goodness your collection is beyond amazing! All those little figurines are adorable.

  9. I have some cat pictures on my blog I think you would like. I love them so much I priced them crazy high on Ebay so they will never sell but I feel guilty if I don't list what I bought on Ebay. Plus I can tell my hubby "I'm not keeping them. They are for sale on Ebay"

  10. awwwww! look at those furbabes! <3


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