Sunday, April 22, 2012

One goal down...

It only took me four months to make one of my goals for the year happen. Haha! I have been hoarding a huge magazine pile for a few years, and I finally sat down to go through it. This photo is about 1/4th of it.

So I forced myself to sit down one night and go through them all, tearing out stuff I wanted to keep. My good friend Dexter kept me company. I rewatched season 4 for the first time and dang, it was so good! I think it took me 6 episodes to go through all the magazines! 
I ended up with a pretty great pile. I seperated them into folders: recipes (dinner), recipes (dessert), craft ideas, home ideas, pretty pictures. Which I might never look through, because Pinterest is so easy, but at least the magazine mountain is gone!
Then I finally pinned stuff on my "inspiration board".
Some close ups. I've been saving that picture of Michael Cera in a foil hat for a few years, I love it so much! The Frida patch was brought back to me from Mexico by my best friend (5 years ago!). I want to sew it on something, but it has to be something awesome. And check out that picture of the dogs jumping rope!
Ole sandworm. And I love Martha's dorky pet expert. I feel like that portrait of him could be a portrait of me. 
One of my favorite things about Martha Stewart Living is the monthly feature about something vintage. It is always something awesome! I loved the feature about crochets pot hangers. There was a really good fruit and vegetable salt and pepper shaker feature once. 
Little Phyllis was a great helper. I just can't resist taking their picture (pretty much at all times).
My glass of water looked so refreshing,  I had to take a picture of it too. I love these paper straws, they make me drink more water. And shirley temples. 
So now I've finished one thing on my to do list. The rest of the magazines are finally in the recycling bin, and I haven't been bringing more home. Who needs them when I've got pinterest?


  1. You have been very very busy I see, and so nice Phyliss keeps you company

  2. Well done on the de-hoarding, it is hard isn't it! I'm so tempted to get a subscription to martha stewart living, on the rare occassions i getmy hands on a coPy i slways love it x

  3. dave loves mark marrone! i think he's hilarious.


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