Saturday, April 21, 2012

Beauty Is Embarrassing

posted about the movie before, but I finally got to see it and it was even better than I was expecting, so I had to tell you about it again. Watch the trailer, for real!! It is so good!

The Nashville Film Festival is happening right now, and this was screened on the first day. I'm so happy I randomly got a festival pamphlet at trivia last week, because I wouldn't have know it was playing without that! The movie was so incredibly inspiring. The message was mostly that you should do what you love. Being creative doesn't have to fit into a certain category. Fine art can be funny. It also made me feel like crap because I don't do anything creative anymore because I let myself get discouraged and always take things too seriously. I went with my friends Brett and Kyle who are really creative and awesome. I wish they hung out with me more, because I like them a lot.
It is playing again tomorrow (Sunday) at 1, and if you are in Nashville, you should seriously go! You will laugh and cry and want to come straight home and draw. 
Wayne White was actually at the screening. He is from Tennessee so I should have known the movie would be at our film festival. The next day he did a book signing at a little bookstore in Green Hills. My boss was awesome and let me come into work a little late so I could go! Brett was there too and we both worked on not being too dorky when we met him. He gave a little talk before signing and I found out not only did the do design for Pee Wee and Beakman's World and Mrs Cabobble's Caboose (a nashville children's show I watched a LOT when I was a kid), one of his first jobs was designing part of the Cumberland Science Museum, a place I went to on about 15 field trips. So basically he was a HUGE influence on me as a kid.
How cute, he drew Randy! I'm so happy I didn't chicken out and went to the signing. Now maybe I'll use some of this inspiration and get some use out of my craft room!


  1. That movie looks amazing. I can't wait to see it. I have seen so much of his art and didn't even realise.

  2. Also a huge fan of jellybean junction/ mrs cabables caboose...I share your feeling of not using my creativity. Its so frustrating. I just never felt good enough


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