Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Our 1000 pugs shoot!

So of course the whole reason we were in Atlanta was our 1000 pugs photoshoot! We got there a little early and the girls got to meet Puglet himself! You can see how starstruck they were. Look at how huge he is next to Phyllis! He was so cute, and so calm! Whenever Amanda would come back with another pug he would jump down and put a paw on her, just to remind her that he was there. Adorable.
Travis was supposed to be getting their attention by holding a treat above the camera. He wasn't doing a very good job, haha! The pug in front of us was named Lady Montgomery! She was teeny and so pretty! I wish we could have seen all the pugs that came out for the weekend! I was sure we were going to be the furthest traveled, but apparently there was a pug from Virginia.
I didn't take any pictures during their shoot, and I'm regretting it! Amanda was awesome and nice and I'm sure she would have been ok with it since she has a blog and understands. But oh man I can't wait to see the photos she picks! She put Phyllis in a planter and I almost died it was so cute!! And took their pictures in front of these awesome burger signs, and my pug tattoo might even make an appearance. The girls were really good, I was so proud!
I'm going to try and just forget about it since it will be a few weeks before we get to see them. Puglet and Amanda will be in Miami next week, then she will have to go through the thousands of pictures she took. I'm so happy we met her, and her mom who was there to help out. She was super nice.
The stars after their shoot. No paparazzi please.
We stopped by the Varsity of course!
Oh lawd those onion rings! And my grilled cheese was perfect this time. I got a frosted orange too. Mmmmm I just love a greasy to go box!
Priscilla felt like she should have an onion ring too. They got lots of treats during their shoot and now feel like they should get them all the time. Sorry ladies! 
On our way out of town we stopped to get gas and I thought the pump was cute!
We also searched out a dog park to try and get Priscilla to go. She won't go on a leash and seriously only went once in the 48 hours we were gone. The dog park didn't work either. Ugh! At least she didn't poop in the car this time. 
Here she is, giving me the stink eye because she was tired of us telling her to "go potty". 


  1. Don't you know that true stars don't go potty with people watching? Before you know it, the tabloids get in involved and then Inside Edition and there goes the career!

  2. Holy cute! One question, what's a frosted orange?

  3. Fun. I looove that last picture. It made me laugh, so cute.

  4. I am new to your blog and I have to say that your Pugs are just divine! I love those animals to bits and can't wait to read all your posts :) x

  5. I love the "stinkeye" photo!!

  6. Too much cute! OMG. That grilled cheese and onion rings looked amazing. Her last photo is adorable. Dogs can have the most distinct personalities and expressions.

  7. How fun! I love looking at these photos you shared. The puggys are too cute for words.

  8. oh my gosh, your pugs are so cute!

  9. The food in the box just looks so greasy and good! Hehe Onion rings.. swoon.
    P.S. Isn't that crazy about being picked for the Harry Potter wand after we talked about it? So exciting. Thanks again for sharing all your knowledge on the place!

  10. What cute girls! Scarlet just had her shoot in Boston, but also went to NYC and met Sid the day of his shoot. He's dreamy.

    Scarlet & Meredith

  11. Wow! You guys look like you had an awesome time. We had our brush with fame a few weeks back in New Jersey. then we went into New York to stalk Puglet some more. My mom is coordinating a memory book for Pugs mom, and we would love for you to contribute. She is going to send you and invite from Mixbook.com. So you know it isn't spam when you get it.


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