Sunday, May 27, 2012

A little anniversary trip!

We're back from out trip! It was (mostly) fun! I made it my goal to leave my computer at home, and keep off the internet for the whole three days. It almost happened, Travis' brother had his computer out so I did a little bit of comment approving and blog reading, but I was mostly good! It was actually really fun to not have been able to go through pictures while on the trip. I had forgotten about lots of these pictures until I pulled them out tonight! 
So you know the drill, here come a bunch of posts about our trip:
I almost always get Travis to pull off 65 North at this exit. It is so good! Look at that logo! It is hard to see, but that pink thing next to the building in the background is a pink elephant holding a martini!
So in love with that logo. Who designed it? Who thought that sad clown would sell fireworks?

Shooting me with air. Happy Anniversary!
This guy is right next to Sad Sam's. I love him.
I also love Totoro.
I'm making myself go through this lunchbox full of unmarked mix cds from high school and college. Some are good, a LOT are horrible. It has been a lot of fun to go through them.
Our first stop was Louisville. This car was parked in front of Travis' brother Jordan's apartment. I love that town. Travis would love to move there. And go to Lebowski Fest.
We picked up Jordan and headed out to Barrel of Fun! We tried to come here before, but it was closed for the season. Thank goodness it was open this time! I love a good building shaped like something else. Especially with stripes, and a papier mache ice cream cone.
I have never seen Travis eat a banana split. He decided this weekend it was going to be his new go-to dessert order. He ended up with 3 over the 3 days! I have to admit, it was pretty awesome. I had never had one! 

I got a derby! One of my favorite things! It is soft serve with a hard chocolate shell. Mmmm, look at how pretty it is! I prefer butterscotch dip, but not a lot of places have that. 
Coming soon:
maybe the best antique mall ever
cincinnati? more like cinci-nasty!
horse betting and mint julips!


  1. I love the Barrel of Fun! I love any building shaped like something-other-than-a-building! Why has this fad lost steam since its heydey in the 30's-50's? People are still hungry for gas station shaped like dinosaurs/restaurants shaped like hats.

    Also, I didn't know to call a dipped cone a derby! Way better name. I will remember this for future use as it is my all time favorite ice cream concoction. In the 80's, next to Isaac Litton High School in Inglewood, there was a little burger hut kind of place that had been there since the 50's that my mom and dad would take us to in order to get those dang delicious things. The ones at McDonalds are good but not the same!! As to a butterscotch dip, i haven't heard of it, but I now want to try it. Great pics, looks like you guys had fun!

    1. seriously, i will go out of my way for a building shaped like something else. i really want to visit the mother goose house in kentucky, but it wasn't even close to where we were. there is a bed and breakfast in the pacific northwest shaped like a BEAGLE!!! i am DYING to go! There is a documentary about places like that, and when we watched it got TEARED UP when a woman was talking about wig wam village in cave city.

      yessss i like the name derby too, it could just be a kentucky thing. i used to get the butterscotch ones at dairy queen when i was about 7, but i guess butterscotch it too old fashioned now.

  2. You always show me places I haven't seen yet in Louisville! I'm glad you liked Yesternook and I can't wait to hear all about it!! I always miss Louisville when I travel away! :)

  3. Yup we just say boring ole dipped cone in Canada too!

  4. You have the craziest places to visit in America - there's not as much like it in the UK.
    And the derby looks delicious!


  5. you guys always find the quirkiest places to go! i adore that sad sam's sign!!!!


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