Saturday, May 5, 2012

Some recent favorites

I just had to share with you some blogs that I have been LOVING lately. I have been going through my reader because it is absolutely out of control! But here are three blogs that will never lose their spot:

Magpie Ethel
I can't remember how I found her blog, but I can't believe it took so long! She finds the BEST STUFF at estate sales. Every time she posts her recent finds I am completely delighted! I wish I was able to go to the sales she finds. Her etsy shop is full of the cutest vintage inspired decorations, but my favorite thing about her blog is her collections! She just posted her 103rd! Every night I'm letting myself look at 5 of her collections, it really is a treat (I just do five at a time because I could really lose hours looking through them). I would love to go to her house and just look at everything! Am I gushing? Haha, I just really love this blog! 
Katie's Pencil Box
At first glance Katie's blog might seem like another one full of pretty pictures of a perfect life. But it really has so much more than that. I love the way Katie captures her everyday life and her writing is so full of heart. My favorite thing this year has been her series of letters from her son Max to his yet to be born baby sister. ("today my lunch fell on the floor at school. it was really embarrassing. grapes and crackers everywhere. baby, never never hold your lunch by the lid when its loose. you've been warned. ")They are really hilarious and sweet. Katie is a painter, and the peonies she is painting for her babies room are so lovely and sweet. Katie seems like someone who would be a really fun friend. 
Yard Sale Blood Bath
Another new to me blog that I am kind of obsessed with. The most hilarious, long, amazing posts about trips to estate sales and yard sales. If you like to see photos of the weirdness people try to sell, you will love this blog. They don't ever really post about what they actually do pick up, but I really don't think that is the point. I only wished they posted more! Here is a post I really like "Hillbilly pickers and the smell from hell"

Oh you guys I am so anxious today! We put a bid in for the rest of the scrapbooks at the estate sale I told you about and I can't stop thinking about them. I want them so bad! I might stop by as soon as I get off work to see if they are still there. 


  1. i love katie's penciel box!!! i want a whole book of max's letters. they make my day!

  2. I read Magpie Ethel too. Do you read Oodles and Oodles? I found her through Magpie Ethel. I can't believe some of the stuff that both of them find. I'm thinking, "they must live in wonderlands!"

    And I don't think I could get by without Yardsale Bloodbath. I haven't read Katie's Pencil Box but will surely check it out.

    I'm so intrigued by this bad-ass estate sale that you've been hitting up this weekend.

    1. oh my gosh i went back to that sale again today! just you wait. i just have to say, a woman's travel scrapbooks with her friend (could be secret girlfriend?) from the 3o's -50's and i just found that they include her type written travel diaries, including how much they spend. for one they spend 239 dollars and travelled 5000 miles. they are really incredible.

  3. Well this post just made my day! Thanks so much for the kind words! I love my little blog and world that I have created. You can come hit estate sales with me any day!

    ps. read Yard Sale Blood bath their trunk shots. Off to check out Pencil Box - a new one for me.

    happy day!


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