Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Always a dog party around here.

Chloe stayed with us again this weekend! Is it dorky that I LOVE it when people ask me to watch their dog? If you are in town, I'd love to hang out with your dog! My payment is getting to pet them. Haha. When Chloe is around Phyllis and Priscilla are much more active, and they actually play with their toys.  Look at these cuties! Chloe likes to make herself a little nest wherever she is.

Oh Phyllis.
I love Priscilla's ears. They are so silly.
I love getting my dachshund fix! We were actually planning on getting a dachshund when we started looking for a dog, but my heart got stolen by pugs.


  1. And such a lovely way to have your heart stolen! :)

  2. Haha looks like they had quite the time together, and it seems like you had a great time too :)

  3. Cute overload. I love these photos.

  4. You need this!

  5. Spoonflower has the cutest pug material! You have to see it : )

  6. oh I feel the love from all those doggy faces!

  7. Those are som cute pupperups! I'm the same, I could just chill with all the dogs in the world every day. But my two are already a crazy bunch and quite a handful, they drive me nuts!

  8. I am hereby authorizing you to watch Newman and Andre whenever you wish. you can affirm that boy dogs don't always walk around with ginormous doggie erections.

  9. Pupsters! Dogsitting: does it get much better? So cute together and I'm glad they get along!


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