Monday, June 18, 2012

Thrift Report!

I haven't been thrifting very much lately. The shop that used to be my favorite has started pricing things way too high, so I only ever go to the Goodwill Outlet. And I just can't handle that every day! Like I mentioned a few days ago, I have always really loved Noah's Ark. The cute image with the giraffes is just the front cover of a vintage book, but I couldn't leave it behind! And check out how cute that mouse needle point is!

Have you ever read Maya Angelou's series of autobiographies? I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings is the first and most well known, but there are a bunch, and they are so good! She has lead a pretty incredible life! I love the cover of this edition!
Could that rabbit puppet be any more terrifying? This craft book from the 1970's is pretty incredible! There are lots of strange crafts, and even a chapter on things to make using the "gifts of mama Earth." I need some little kids to craft with!
I picked up this daily reminder book because I love the layout of the pages inside, and it is still pretty full. But I really love the little message inside! Check it out:
"(Reverie) of an idle mind
Well-looks like this is just about the end, don't it? By the way, don't forgot to remind me to remember my resolution, promise? 
1. Never make below a pass
2. Behave myself.
3. Get out of all my exams
4. ____________ There are exceptions to all rules (Just trying to be funny)
I really mean it. What???? OH-H-H-H----I knew it."

and then under the other pad it says 
" I did better than I thought.
By the way I'm not loaning any pencils this year, like last, I think I must have supplies the whole school. I think I might save a small fortune in pencil money"
I'm really excited about this Hawaiian party book! One of my 30 before 30 goals is to plan a fancy dinner party, and I think I have my theme!
I love this tip. "If you are lucky enough to have more than one lei, wear them all happily and proudly, as the girl in the drawing is doing."
I will definately make this centerpiece! Complete with pipe cleaner palm trees! I have the perfect bamboo tray to use! There are tons of crazy recipes and games and things, so stay tuned! 
A few more things. Travis showed me the picture of the cats on the couch as a joke, but I love it! (Obviously). Another box purse with some hand painted mushrooms. I haven't carried one of these yet, but they are cute! The gremlin books have little records. I think we'll finally have a (working) record player soon, and I can't wait to listen to these!
This little red riding head book is so freaking cute! I love her glasses! She looks like Harry Potter's little sister. And the wolf is adorable too. 
I also found this PERFECT burlap growth chart! I love the Australia theme!
So gorgeous!
Travis found a Lite Brite and I asked if I could play with it before he put it up on ebay. I want to get the ET kit! I remember getting a Lite Brite for Christmas one year. I can still smell the burning plastic smell it makes when plugged in.
I also found this baby book, copyright 1960. The inside pages are perfect and none written on. The illustrations are so beautiful! I'm going to save it to give to a vintage loving friend when they have a baby. I love the colors on this family tree page:
And of course there is a poodle!
Last but not least, I had to include this because we NEVER find dvds in the cases at the outlet, much less a Disney dvd! And it works! The only time we ever found a dvd before was something lame, maybe City of Angels? Haha. 
Have you found anything awesome lately? Are your local thrift stores pricing all the cool stuff to high? 


  1. great finds!!!! you make me want to stop by the outlet today. :-)

  2. Ohh Lilo and Stitch. That's my favorite! And how cute is that Burlap growth chart!

  3. I like all the stuff you find.
    I saw that one book with the words MIMI. I have a friend called Mimi.
    And I saw that book- about why caged birds sing.
    I never heard of that book but once long ago I wrote a story called "I know why birds sing"

  4. Hawaiian sixties' luau themed parties are THE. MOST. FUN. I did one for my birthday last year and it was a blow out. Arthur Lyman records! Limbo competitions! Pineapples! What is not to love? Lemme know if you need faux flora or fauna if/when you decide to have yours, I have a bag of Polynesian set dressing you wouldn't believe. Also, I love all of these finds, but the daily reminder book the most. How cute is that idle minded affirmation?

  5. Those giraffes are the cutest! Oh all the illustrations are so lovely! Great finds :)

  6. I love that growth chart! I've been thinking I need to get one for the girls. Lilly is always asking "How much am I?" That's her way of asking how tall she is.

  7. Your little Hawaiian party book would have been a perfect find for me or my collection challenge tomorrow. Can't wait to see the party you throw using that book for inspiration...

  8. O, Rae, you and I would definitely reach for the very same stuff at the GW Outlet!! :) I really wish Louisville had an outlet (speaking of which, YES! Louisville Goodwills are some of the most expensive I've ever been to in my travels).

    And a tiki/luau themed party would be so much fun!

  9. I wish there was an outlet by me. I threw Robert's lite bright out because I caught him burning paper with the bulb. Perhaps I should have listed it on ebay?

    1. i don't think they sell for much. probably why he is letting me play with it. haha.

  10. Oh my goodness!! You find some great items thrift shopping!! Nice job :) My mom is a huge thrift shopper and what she does is ship the stuff she finds to the Dominican Republic for her sister to sell.. And now, she has a very successful business there :)

  11. If Harry Potter were a girl, he would look exactly like that Little Red Riding Hood!

  12. This all came from the same place? That's nutty! all of it is so good, but the Hawaiian party book really takes the cake!

  13. The gift of the mogwai!?!?!? A religious gremlins pun...i love it! I have had excellent luck lately at the Goodwill on 96...but yes, the prices are a bit steep. I did find some really cute excellent condition vintage spectator low heel pumps there for about $7 which was expensive...but I had to have them. I also found a complete set of the vintage old cover hardback hardy boys and box car children books. Someone had donated their entire collections.

  14. WOW! All incredible finds! I am super jealous :-)

  15. Seriously girl! You find THE BEST STUFF! LOVE it all, mimi the merry go round cat! and the little red riding hood book, so cute!

  16. My thrift stores have raised prices tremendously. To the point where I might as well buy it new. So frustrating. Your finds are awesome though! Love the reminder book.

    The Joyful Thrifter

  17. That growth chart - love it!

    We don't have a GW outlet here, but I only go for the vintage goodies & I find them reasonably priced, but the occasionally few things are overpriced.

  18. I love to pick up books like yours that you found. I love the handwritten note and love the graphics in the baby book. Great finds.


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