Friday, June 15, 2012

Trying our hand at yard sales..

Thanks for all the sweet comments on my post yesterday guys!

Travis and I were both off work last Saturday, so of course we went out hunting for treasures. We never go to yard sales, so I wrote a few down to go to. I keep saying I want to do a whole Saturday just going from sale to sale. But that was not this day. We drove way out to Hendersonville to start with an estate sale that sounded maybe promising. I loved this barn behind their house! I want a cute out building in my back yard!
This thing cracked me up! This strings are his arms. And I think that is a graduation hat on his head.
I can't stop myself taking pictures of old appliances.

The sale wasn't as great as I was hoping, but I came out with a few gems. It was half off day too, that always helps! I've been wanting one of those deer vases for a long time!
We drove to three yard sales in the same town, and they were all pretty lame. I got a snack tray at one, but that was it. Yard sales are hard, lots of them have terrible descriptions and it is hard to tell what is worth going too.  And I felt weird taking pictures. And I almost never feel weird! One of the sales we went to looked like one of those ones where they just throw a tarp over the stuff during the week, then have a sale every weekend. Do you have those in your town? We drowned our sorrows in a trip to the donut palace.
Huge cherry fritter! I actually almost none of this, it was TOO sweet. And I love sweet!
Finally after getting back to our side of town and having to go into the smokiest house of all time to be offered a deal of only 2000 dollars for a set of cherry furniture, we hit a good one!
Already a good sign! Haha, these said "make an offer". I wonder if someone got them for their retro renovation! I have a pink one in my basement, so I didn't make an offer on the aqua one.
Travis was really excited about this chair until he sat in it and it fell back so far.
Look at those little vintage indian toys in the back! I wish I would have gotten them now.
But you KNOW I got this dude. I'll show you the rest tomorrow.
After that we stopped by this cool new shop in east nashville. They are hosting an "East Side Weirdos Bizarre" every month. It was only the second month for it, I hope it keeps getting bigger. The shop sells weird stuff and vintage and horror stuff. They host movie screenings in their basement too, the next one is Chained Heat. 
The main reason we stopped by was because my BFF's had a booth! Crystal wasn't there yet, but here is Marc with some creatures. Their business is called Olivia Frankenstein.
She has been making pouches for a while but she just started making these tarot ones. So cute!
After THAT we headed down to the fish fry my parent's church was putting on. We really drove all over the mid-state on Saturday! The catfish they make is pretty darn good, and the hush puppies! I bought a lemon chess pie at the bake sale that was OUT OF THIS WORLD. Have you had chess pie? It is pretty much just sugar, eggs, and butter. YUM.
There is my dad frying fish. One of their members has that big frying station trailer thing and brings it every year. My mom served up the white beans and cole slaw.
We went inside and I showed Travis this wall hanging. They have had it as long as I can remember and I didn't notice the dove for probably 10 years! To me it looks like on the right there is a falcon man with a red eye, and on the left is a guy screaming. Haha. I still have to really concentrate to see the dove.
I got this cupcake too. Mmm.
Looks like someone is really excited about prom!
After that, we drove all the way out to Bellevue to go swimming. It was awesome. I need a pool to go to that is close by! We had such a full day, I slept like a little baby that night.


  1. I'm really enjoying your blog and I agree, yard sales are hard... I almost never find anything at one...oh well, just give me an air conditioned thrift store any day! Love YOUR finds though, especially the puppies!

    1. thanks! yeah, i'm not sure i'm going to really start hitting the yard sales, especially once it gets HOT

  2. Lindsay - BirminghamJune 15, 2012 at 3:11 PM

    I love that picture of your dad! Tell him hi for me :)

  3. Haha! The falcon/screaming man/dove is hilarious! And PROM! Haha! If I ever take up tagging, i'm totally going to tag HOMECOMING and WINTER FORMAL everywhere.

    Oh! And I love that aqua toilet!

    1. i feel like there HAS to be something else the "prom" message means, but i can't think of anything!

  4. I've been wanting to go inside that Logan's store, I always loved the building even when it was decrepit. Formerly, it was "Caudle Veterinarian Clinic"...the clinic moved to what was the old Aardvark's Train Shop next to the Piggly Wiggly we were talking about on Gallatin in Inglewood. You can't say I don't have a geriatric like fixation on "what used to be where"! :) That fish fry looks like it was out of control. I am hungry from here!

    1. You need to check it out! There is all kinds of cool weird stuff! I heard that there is a 70's style lounge in the basement where they screen the movies.

  5. Also, does Olivia Frankenstein sell items in the store? I think I need that hammerhead pillow, but it wasn't on her etsy. :( If not, I guess I can wait for the next "bizarre"!

    1. she says she has a bunch left, she'll have them at the next bizarre for sure! I would say she would list one on etsy for your, but it seems easier to save the shipping and just pick one up in person, since you live so close! We always walk to that piggly wiggly from her house.

  6. I know I mention this every other post of yours, but I love your photographs! You are really talented. The Prom one at the end is great!

    There is a lot to post about here: I love the aqua toilet! I would have had a hard time saying no on it!! (LOL)

    Chess pie? YUM! That one and Derby are two of my absolute favorites!

    I love Crystal's pouches, but her business cards? *heart*!

    And, I wish you the best on your new business venture. Do you have a name or are you using the blog name? Next time I am in town, I will check it out! I've been to there (and saw Owl Really's booth) and wish I had gone back in May.

    1. Thank you! Most people say things like "Wow, you must have a nice camera!" so I'm always happy to hear it, ha!
      she has a cute little sign that looks like the cards, but like a full sized board. I love it! Even though we are both to scared to actually play with a Ouija board.

      I haven't decided yet what name to go with. I'll probably do 'say it ain't so", since it is my "brand". Jamie says another really cool vendor is moving into the mall soon!

  7. I'm with you on the yard sales. I've pretty much written them off and just do estate sales. Even then, it's really hit or miss. And I know what you mean about feeling funny taking pictures--so I almost never do. I know I need to get over that. Really enjoyed this post--sounds like a great day!

  8. jamie has gone to several of the movie screenings at Black Raven...its down the street from his house. he says its really fun.


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