Saturday, June 16, 2012

Some vintage finds!

Here is what I ended up with from the estate sale and yard sales we went too! First up, here is what I got at the one estate sale we went too. Even though I didn't find a ton of stuff, it really love what I found, AND bonus! Nothing in this picture was over 3 bucks!
I see these cute teak vikings online in mid-century homes, but hadn't even see one in the wild.
Have I ever mentioned how much I love Noah's Ark? I've been trying to resist mugs since our cabinet is already overflowing, but I couldn't resist this gem. You can see the rain clouds, the ostriches, and the elephants in the first picture.
Like I said before, I have always loved this vase. I've seen a few in antique malls and online, but hadn't come across one at a price I liked. This one isn't in perfect shape, but I love it! How sweet is that doe nuzzling her baby? 
Chalk pekinese! I bought a big carnival chalk squirrel a few years back, then said I would start collecting chalk prizes, but then stopped seeing them. I was happy to find this cute guy! 
And this sweet little spun cotton head Santa. He was tucked into a box on a bookshelf, I can't believe I found him! And they gave him to me for free. Which is exciting even if it is tiny.
And here is what we got from the yard sales we went too! Most of this is from one sale. The horse box purse was from a sale where we also got a brand new juicer. The lady was like "Well, I have two more so I decided to sell this one." For ten bucks! It still has the Macy's return sticker on it. So weird.
A sweet perpetual calendar, a silly santa toy (you shake it and the chain makes different shaped noses) and a stack of made in Japan santa mugs! Last year I was lamenting that I couldn't find any of these around town, but I've been finding quite a few lately. These were just 10 cents a piece!
Here is that monkey again. He reminds me of Phyllis with those bulging black eyes!
We got this game at the sale with the 2000 dollar bedroom set. It is part of a series of games that you can line up on your bookshelf. We have Stocks and Bonds already and like it, so we thought we'd give this one a chance.
AND! A few days later we went to the Tennessee Antique Mall to sign up for my booth and I found these beauties! How funny, I've been wishing for a poodle bottle cover for almost a year with no luck, and now I've found 4 in the past 6 weeks! I love this guys crazy puffy face.


  1. That is a nice lot of stuff! That monkey does look like Phyllis.

  2. So. Much. Awesome. in one little blog post! That puffy faced poodle just takes the cake.

  3. oh my good golly molly...that horse purse! And hee! The poodle bottles! : ) You've been finding some amazing stuff. I'm pretty sure that I have a chalk ware dog for you if I can find it. Good luck on your booth. I know that you'll do great! Please let us know when it's together. Would love to go by and peruse!

  4. Aw I love that mug to bits :D

  5. AMAZING! I love all the stuff you find! That wee monkey looks very like my sisters tedding she's had for 37 years and still goes to bed with!

  6. The noahs cup is really great, love the color and the simple shape of the animals. Greetings from Germany.

  7. Why did I pass up the whole set of Santa mugs and jugs one day at a thrift... Not one of my better thrifting days......

  8. The Copley vase is awesome and isn't the glass in the last picture with the poufy poodle (so freakin cool!) a Swanky Swig? Such great finds! I love seeing what you find :)


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