Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Summer Movies

Travis and I have been going to the movies a lot lately. This is the theater that is closest to our house. Isn't it cute? It isn't the nicest in the area, but I think the neon makes up for it. Here is what we have seen in the past two weeks: 
Moonrise Kingdom FINALLY opened here, and it was so amazing (like everyone else on the internet has said, haha!). The colors, the props, the acting, the camp uniforms! I loved it. We also saw Brave. I was pleasantly surprised that all the parts from the preview were at the beginning of the movie, and I actually had no idea where the movie was going to go! It was a nice change from most movies. The bear parts were my favorite, and the creepy little will o'the wisps. 
I mostly saw Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter because Travis has been looking forward to it. It was ok. The effects and make up were a little too over the top for me. I liked the middle portion of the movie though. By the end the prosthetics they used to make him look like old Abe were too strong and unbelievable. I enjoyed Snow White and the Huntsman though! Charlize Theron was so amazing! I liked her dress with the bone shoulder pieces. 
I love summer movie season. I'm looking forward to Paranorman which comes out in August, and I still want to see the Katy Perry movie. Haha, don't judge me! I'm waiting for it to come to the 2 dollar theater. Have you seen anything good this summer?


  1. I LOVE Katy Perry! I can't wait to see that movie either. And I actually heard it was pretty cute :)

  2. Sus and I didn't make it out to Moonrise Kingdom for her birthday (I can't accurately read movie schedules anymore; if you don't use a skill, you lose it, I guess!), but we will, eventually! I'm really looking forward to Paranorman, too!

  3. Saw Moonrise Kingdom last week at our local mom and pop theater and thought it was great. Saw Snow White and the Huntsman a couple of months ago....was not expecting a great movie, but enjoyed it!

  4. Me and amber are seeing Katy perry Monday at the $5 time. Come along

  5. We have not seen any for a long long time! dang it!

  6. I swear, when it's this hot, the movie theater is the place to be!
    I agree about Brave... I didn't know the details either! I love when they don't spoil it in the previews!


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