Thursday, August 9, 2012

Gratuitous Pug Photos: Phyllis in the car

When we take the dogs somewhere in the car, I can't resist taking their picture! Last week we took them to my parent's house and Phyllis was KILLING me in the back! We take all their beds with us, and she was on top of the pile. Look at this thing!
She is so good. Priscilla isn't in the picture because I have to hold her or she will scream the whole time.
And here is Phyllis when we picked them up a few days later. Look at how long her tail is when it is uncurled! And those rolls of loose skin! And that face! Her preferred way of riding in the car is with you propping her up so she can see out of the window. 

Or sometimes she will help you drive.
So sweet!
Yes yes I know it isn't the safest thing to have the dogs in your lap. Our back seat was too full of yard sale finds! And they are just toooo cute! Hope you enjoyed this picspam! I'll show you what i got at the sales tomorrow!


  1. She is so freaking adorable I want to squeeze her!

  2. omg the cuteness! I'm actually thinking about getting a pug so the more pug photos the better I say! XD

  3. Puppy driving = mega cute. Jealous.

  4. I don't think I will ever get sick of seeing pug pictures. :)


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