Friday, August 10, 2012

What I got at the World's Longest Yard Sale!

Well here it is! What I got at the world's longest yard sale! This is most of it on my kitchen table, except for my big Santa and reindeer, and one other group of things that I'll show you another day. Look at all this good stuff! And most of it was under 3 bucks! Actually, a lot of it was only 50 cents!
The two sets of shakers I got! Sweet strawberry boys, and two cute little girls with their dogs.
This pin isn't old, but I love how R2D2 and C2PO look like they are in looooove.
You put cotton balls inside this bunny, and then pull them out the end! I used to have a kangaroo like this that got broken (stupid cats!) so I was happy to find this little dude!
A pretty ink bottle, and those little kitties from the 1940's.
Of course I can't resist taking a few pictures of Mr. Squirrel too.
He is living on top of our bookshelf right now, I'm not sure how the cats would act if they could get to him. I still am not committed to a name, but I like Merlin, which someone suggested in the comments.
I only saw one Junior Deluxe edition to add to my collection! I really expected to see more.
A little set of Winnie the Pooh toys! They are from 1966 and stuffed with sawdust. I'm not a huge Pooh fan or anything, but I love the style of these, they remind me of dream pets. You can see a full set here. I need Kanga and Tigger!
Cute little carousel canister! I bought this from a couple in the prettiest VW pop up van.
My little pop culture haul! Like I said, I have been looking for a talking Pee Wee for a long time! I really think that Pee Wee had a HUGE influence on me as a kid. I am also really excited about my ET lunch box! It is a little rusty, BUT it was WAY cheaper than the one I saw at an antique mall for 60 dollars. I loved it so much I actually entertained paying that much. I'm glad I waited.
A cute vintage ad! I'm going to paint the frame red, then hang it in my dining room.
A super sweet ash tray. I love that tiny dog.
Two poodles for my collection. I love vintage carnival chalk.
The only Christmas I ended up buying. I couldn't resist the Christmas card list box. I hadn't ever seen one before (well, except for online). The chippy Santa mug will look good on my mantle this year.
Some vintage science books. The lady selling these wanted just 10 cents a piece! She was so cute and exclaimed that she loved that we were buying her books and she hopes that her great grandchildren will know what a book is. I LOVE the cover on The Everyday Atom.
I also love the end papers on this alphanet/ark book.
Two mid century trays. I'm going to see how much I can clean them up. For a buck I figured I could take a chance. The vendor was kind of pushy and I was happy to give him a dollar to get him to leave me alone. I guess that works for him!
Some little party forks! I got these to use for my Hawaiian party!
And a few records. Half of my records are holiday ones! I love that John Denver and the Muppets album. My grandmother bought me the tape when I was small and it has always been one of my favorites. And of course some more Halloween albums. 


  1. Great shopping!
    I love the strawberry shaker guys. And the Big Bar ad. Great idea to paint the frame. That will rock your wall!
    Boris is the name that jumps out at me when I look at that squirrel.

  2. Oooh! Nice haul! I love, love, love Zacherle! We actually tried to get him to MC our wedding but his manager said he was in no shape to travel. Such a bummer!

  3. wow you came back with a lot of stuff. The strawberry boys are so cute! I think Mr. Squirrel/Merlin looks great, I even like him without anything in his paw/hand. I've kinda wanted a little animal too. Maybe a bat for me though or a bird.. you know something small.
    Adn I love the vintage ad you got too. What a great idead to paint the frame, I love the whale!

    1. i would love to find a little song bird. they are so sweet! or a bat. when we were in new york on our honeymoon we stumbled upon a shop full of taxidermy and they had awesome bats in bell jars! i wish i would have bought one!

  4. That's some great stuff! What I loved about the WLYS when I went was that I saw so much stuff that I'd never seen before. You could literally furnish an entire house with cool stuff picked up there with a few days.

  5. SCORE! You really got some great things! I'm so glad you grabbed that x-mas card box. I thought it was something that you had left behind! LOVE those strawberry S&P shakers too!
    Looks like you had a blast-

  6. SOOOO many awesome finds. Look at that rad ET stuff. I'm so glad you had fun, even if your man wore a fanny pack. :)

  7. What finds! 10 cent vintage science books! And Zero Mostel reading the grinch who stole christmas is just awesome! Thanks for taking us along for the ride. I'm definitely getting my butt out there next year.

  8. Those leetle black keetens!! So sweeet! What. A. Haul. !!

  9. I love all the things you got and I think if I had a taxidermied squirrel- I would name it Martin or Roscoe. I have no clue why.

  10. Love the one-eyed Pooh but I'm not so sure I'd be comfortable looking at a taxidermied squirrel all day.


  12. Good Christmas finds. I have that card box in my collection. Adorable Santa mug.

    1. i thought so, it looked familiar to me and i hadn't seen them before you posted about them. i love them!

  13. Everything is wonderful! I love the whale art and those little kitties are adorable!

  14. I love your haul! How exciting! Another name suggestion for your squirrel friend: Sterling. My daughter loves squirrels! Love reading your blog....I'm a religious follower! :)

    Mendy <3

    1. thanks! i'm glad you like it! sterling reminds me of this little boy i went to day care with who was a total jerk! haha! which is a bummer because what a cute name!

  15. You cleaned up!! I love Merlin. His claws look pretty viscous! The Pee Wee doll made me squeal with delight! I so wish we had time to do fun stuff like the world's largest garage sale. lol!! So wonderful.


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