Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Around here

My favorite part of the day is hanging out in the living room together loving on the pugs. We have this fun game where we see how close we can sneak to Priscilla before she wakes up, since she is deaf.
I have so much fun stuff coming up! I'm getting tattooed on Wednesday, there is an amazing looking estate sale on Thursday, we're going camping, to the banana pudding festival,  and to Louisville, and to parties and I just ordered a Halloween costume! October is my favorite month and this one is shaping up to be excellent! Especially after my sub-par September. It was capped off today when I had to get a tetanus shot because someone broke glass at work, didn't clean it up, and it got stuck in my hand. UGH.
This is random but Travis' parents dropped off his passport the other day. The day it was issued was just a few days before we met for the first time. Look at that little baby. He was 16. 


  1. The first photo is lovely :) I can't believe you had to have a tetanus shot :( Hopefully October will be amazing xx

  2. Your dogs are so cute! Are you going to the Inglewood sale on Thurs.? I am really debating because there is another one that looks good in Fayetteville. And the Inglewood sale is only allowing 25 people in the house at a time due to the size. That means a mega-line because that house looks good. I'm just going back and forth. The Inglewood sale has a ton of holiday stuff but I don't neeeed holiday stuff, especially at first-day prices. ANYWAY! Happy tattooing tomorrow--hope it turns out great.


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