Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Nashville Flea

I skipped out on the flea market last month because the heat at the July market almost killed me. I had waited for a friend to get to my house before leaving, and I had a hair cut appointment so we only had about an hour to browse. But We saw some great things!
These huge owl lamps were awesome!
Fat "made in Japan" baby.
Every time I see something like this I contemplate buying it to push Phyllis around in. How cute would that be? (Priscilla tries to leap out of anything I put her in, so she wouldn't get to ride!)
Do people really pay over 50 or 100 dollars for jars? I see them all the time. Especially that Old Judge jar. They don't seem that rare. Maybe I'm just cheap, haha!
I'm not super into 70's stuff but I loved this all together! That front cake carrier is great.
I really loved this green type writer desk!
Thomas asked how much that huge moose was and the lady seemed really pissed to be asked. It was 1900 dollars! She also had a big pile of dog show ribbons that were awesome and when I asked the price she said 60 dollars for them all and wouldn't think of selling me just one. Lame.
These chairs were already sold and Thomas and I are still texting each other lamenting that he didn't get them. They felt SO GOOD on your back. For real. It was like they forced you into good posture. 
Look at this bar! Have you ever seen something like it? I really loved it.
After my haircut we decided to check out an auction at this place downtown. If you have been through Nashville you have probably seen it. I thought since their rent was probably high? They would probably have mostly nice stuff. Boy was I wrong!
It was so strange! It was almost as if they had gotten a few bins worth of stuff from the Goodwill Outlet and thrown it on tables. There was so much broken stuff, and just CRAP that no one would want, much less bid for at an auction! The only things I liked were this cute polish can, and there was one Dream Pet deer. 
I really can't imagine why they would waste their time staffing this auction and advertising it. It wasn't even just not my taste, there were so few actually interesting things. We didn't even stay until the auction started. Though now I wish I could have seen what the deal was. Were people buying big lots to resell? But why? I'm still baffled. 
The one cool thing they had was this circus banner! It was HUGE! We asked the price and were just told "Really high." They weren't auctioning it off or anything. So I think we're going to avoid this place from now on. 


  1. Ok, I'm not a huge fan of the 70's mod flower power stuff either, and it doesn't fit in my house, but holy crap all that stuff is so cool! And as far as the auction, at least now you won't be pained with regret every time you pass the place and don't check it out. Sucks to be them!

  2. Great pictures! I like the 70s table - it is just an overload of fun :-)

  3. I think migit is misspelled. Also, my granny had a green desk almost identical to that typewriter desk. When she passed it was the one thing I wanted (and the giant spoon and fork from her kitchen) but someone else got them :(

  4. So funny...The Mister and I did the same thing--went to that very auction last Friday, walked around and realized everything was crap, and left before it started! I wonder if I saw you and didn't realize it? We had been to an auction there one time before and the stuff was pretty good but it was going for high prices. But they just had total junk this time.

  5. Man, I'm mad I missed the Flea Market this weekend and so surprised at how crummy the auction thing turned out to be! I always think of people in monocles and four figure price tags when I hear "auction" (a la Soethby's), so I was actually a little shocked at the pictures! And heartsick over that, what a win that would have been (probably the only thing with the aforementioned four figure tag, too, haha)!

  6. That sideshow banner is so amazing....That would be about the coolest thing in the world to own

  7. I sooo want to get over to Nashville and get me a container load of stuff!

  8. I've always wanted to check out an antique auction but geez that one looked rather disappointing. I do enjoy that fat baby doll and the 70s display!

    <3 Jackie @ Let's Go Thrifting!

  9. I do love the 70's, much to my husbands dismay. I'd have been drooling over all of that table!

  10. that circus banner is amazing! i missed the last few nashville fleas but i am determined to make the october one— there is always so much good stuff. i found a wooden folding ironing board last time i went and now it's a little gallery table for my handmade books. you just never know what will be there!

  11. I love those owl lamps! I am baffled by the $50 jars. I am especially baffled by the rude moose/ribbons sales lady? Huh?

    What Lola Wants

  12. Love the Nashville Flea! I've only been once but in my head I go all the time. :)

    That bar? We had a Baumritter chair in our etsy shop with that exact same pattern! (chair sold for $100, wonder what the bar was worth?)

    Great photos :)

    1. i wish i had asked what they wanted for it. I don't have a space for it, but i wish i knew. i hadn't ever seen anything like it!

  13. That circus banner is really cool! And I love that moose. It reminds me of the singing moose head that they always have at the big Christmas fair in london

  14. that auction is so lame. seriously.


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