Thursday, September 27, 2012

Flea Finds.

Oh man I went to a GREAT estate sale this morning. It was a christmas lovers heaven! But I haven't had a chance to photograph anything. So for now, here is what I ended up with from the flea market this month. I got some photos of course. A few for my vintage dog photo collection, a Christmas photo, and one I just liked.
I like her facial expression and that little pointed hood! And her uneven bangs. And the clown. I guess everything about it.
I finally bought some reflectors! I'm still kicking myself for not buying the shoe box full at an estate sale earlier this year. But here are a few to hold me over. There are a few of each kind.
Another weakness. Vintage brooches. I picked up the old mink one at first as a joke to show Thomas, but then I loved it. I think it was the goggly eyes.
This is a teeny little pin, maybe half an inch? (edit: I wore this to work and already lost it. wah!)
This one reminds me of a certain someone, lurking in the background.
And check out this puzzle! Could it be any cuter? It is missing a few pieces, but for a dollar, I'll just enjoy the box. The illustration is by Helen Haywood. Google her, you will find some cute stuff.
I think for just an hour, I came out with some cute stuff! And I only spent 12 dollars!
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  1. I am so in love with that mink brooch! Adorable!

  2. Yikes! I am a bit creeped out by the mink! Love the little miss photo.

  3. The puzzel is so wonderfully illustrated, and for $1, heck yeah! Digging the skunk too!

  4. I'm always envious when I see your instgram photos of your estate sale hauls every Thursday morning-- motivates me to hit them on Friday. :) I collect kitty photos, if I come across any dog ones I'll start collecting them for you! I'm convinced we should do a thrift swap some point in the future as we have similar tastes hehe.

  5. so much cool stuff that you always find!

  6. Love it all! Especially flower brooch and the puzzle.. And that 70s stuff in yesterday's post - WANT to go shopping in Nashville!!!

  7. Oh man I'm jealous that you're hitting all these good estate sales...happy for you too of course! haha
    OK, I'm going to Google Helen. I love that puzzle!
    Erica :)

  8. I love the little girl photo, too! I got my bangs cut today and they are looking similarly crooked. lol (I have a cowlick that needs some taming!) The mink brooch cracks me up! My mom got me some tiny mink cufflinks a while back that have eyes on them to make them look like little critters. As always, nice haul!!

  9. Those reflectors look amazing as does the flower brooch, I doff my imaginary hat in respect to your finds! Good haul! :)

  10. Awwe, that sucks you lost that rad pin!

    All cute though.

  11. I try to have the attitude that we should enjoy what we buy and wear/use them, but to loose the pin is a sad story. The little mink is definitely cute/weird/scary but it would grow on me, too. The puzzle picture is so darn cute, love it.
    You better hide the mink, someone is giving it the evil stink eye...

  12. loving all these great finds!

    the mink brooch is hilarious, and the puzzle (never mind the mssing pieces) is to die for!

  13. Great finds can't wait to see what else you found! Warm hugs, Esther


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