Monday, October 8, 2012

A little more Louisville

Here are a couple more pictures from our little trip last weekend! One of the many things I love about  Louisville are all the cute old signs. Like this one for the Derby House! I love that big horse shoe.
So pretty.
We went for breakfast at Lynn's Paradise Cafe. We go there every time and I love it every time.
There are lots of things to play with on your table while you wait.
BLT fries with veggie sausage. YUMMMMMM.
These ladies came in about halfway through our brunch and set up a bunch of Hello Kitty stuff, and all had on matching Hello Kitty shirts. I'm sure it was for a kid, but we left before anyone else arrived and I like to think they are just four friends who love Hello Kitty.
My little lima bean.
This pug has a pretty sweet set up. He has a nice shaded yard right where tons of people walk by to get to Lynn's. We saw him last time we were in town, then this time he howled at us. It was SO CUTE. The howl started off completely silent, then by the end was a little squeak. Travis and I were dying!
Our last stop before we headed home was Tickled Pink. It is a pretty amazing antique mall that is SO CHEAP. I didn't take any pictures inside because I was too busy filling up boxes with stuff to bring home! I actually bought quite a bit for my case, but I'll show you what I brought home for me.

I'm so happy we took some time and went away, even if it was just for a day. 


  1. That food looks amazing! Very jealous! Xx

  2. that place looks like the perfect restaurant! those TOYS!!!!


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