Thursday, November 1, 2012

Christmas is coming!

There is usually TONS of vintage Christmas at the October and November flea market. . I didn't let myself buy anything because I'm supposed to be weeding out my Christmas collection (because I have way more than I can put out in my little house!) But that doesn't mean I can't look!

This vendor had PILES of awesome stuff! But it was all priced really high. It was still pretty to look at.

I like the balls in the wire basket. I'm on the lookout for a cool basket to make into a centerpiece.

So many blow molds!
There was a tiny bit of vintage Halloween out too.
After the flea market we went to Battered and Fried in East Nashville.
The best part of that place is one of the side choices is a little loaf of bread. Horray for carbs!
I'll be back to show you what I picked up at the flea tomorrow!


  1. Did you restrain yourself and not buy anything??

    I can't imagine ever seeing all those blow molds in one place!!!

    It looks like such fun!!

    1. I really only bought a few things. I need to take pictures of them to share. for some reason when i go to the flea market i get really picky and usually come home with a bag full of photos and not much else! haha! if i hadn't made a promise to stop bringing home christmas until i see what I have already, i would have been tempted for sure!

  2. Your flea markets always look so amazing! Ours is full of 8 tracks & cut glass collectibles. Boring! I have serious flea market envy over your posts. Can't wait to see what fantastic things you chose to bring home!

  3. you helped me decide that I am now going to batter'd and fried this weekend. Yay. bread!

  4. Now I really want to try Batter'd and Fried. Bread as a side? Yes please!

    What Lola Wants

  5. Oh my word -- all that vintage christmas decor is breathtaking!

  6. That is just crazy! I have never seen so much in one place! You guys know how to do things in Tennessee.


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