Wednesday, April 3, 2013


On our way home from Nashville we stopped in Knoxville for lunch with our good friend Dana. We ate at the Bistro at the Bijou Theater which I highly recommend! I got the black eyed peas melt sandwich and it was awesome! We also stopped by the original Nostalgia as well. It was snowing a little big that day, can you see the little flakes? 

Cat in the window? That is a good sign! There is a pug named Napoleon there sometimes, but he wasn't in that day. 
Nostalgia specializes in Mid Century and vintage stuff instead of the usual antique mall mix. Dana warned us that it wasn't a great as it used to be (see our first visit in 2011 here!)
 Look at this tv fish tank! I love the idea!
 Love this horse gravel art!
 Look at this creepy brooch made out of a rabbit's foot!
I was trying to find some prices in these books,but instead I found this cute drawing. I hope "roden" means Robin!
Travis found me puzzling over this weird umbrella, and he knew exactly what it was. It is for holding over your dog in the rain! How freaking cute is that? He wouldn't let me get it though. I guess raincoats for the pugs are enough. 
We stopped by Dana's work and she took us on a tour of the big awesome house her office is in. There are all kinds of cool features but this teeny tiny kitchen way my favorite! I had to share. Travis is there for scale. This is tucked in the basement, which is big and has tons of space, I don't know why they would put the kitchen in like this.
 They are all metal, and look at those counter tops! 
On the way out of town we stopped at Earth Fare and got some vegan carrot cake for the road! Yum! I totally over ate all weekend and felt kind of terrible. But I needed one more sweet treat.
We drove across the plateau to get home, and it was so snowy! By the time we got into Nashville it was just a little flurry.
 We picked the pugs up from my parents house and went home! 


  1. That fish tank TV is amazing. I want one in my house.

  2. I am obsessed with that kitchen. It is so perfect! Those formica countertops!

  3. love love LOVE that horse gravel art - I have two gravel artworks but they are no where near as awesome as that one!

  4. Look at that cute kitchen! I'm totally going to make it to that of these days. That brooch freaks me out but oh my gosh, I LOVE that little pet umbrella!!!

  5. Oh man, how could Travis say no to such a spectacular umbrella?! Though I do love that he knew what it was. If I saw someone walking their dog down the street with that umbrella, I think I'd just about burst from the sweetness.

  6. That store is beyond gorgeous in every way. I LOVE the fish tank, sweet kitty in the window, logo...all of it :)

  7. um...if you and Travis were JUST dating and he didn't allow you to buy the umbrella for dogs I would tell you to break up with the guy

    he is lucky you are married ;)

  8. I don't know that I could have resisted the chalkware horse and the rabbit's foot - SO SPOOKY AND AWESOME!!!

  9. A dog umbrella, seriously? I WANT THAT!!! Oh, it's so cute. And practical. No, really... :)

  10. doggie umbrella!!! SO CUTE. If you bought that, you would almost have to get one of those novelty umbrella hats for you and trav

  11. I always love those tv fishtanks!

    Off topic but I have a week-long work meeting in Nashville starting 5/5. Do you have any vegan or vintage spots you recommend? I'll be with colleagues most of the time but I can drag a few of them to vegan places and am happy to explore vintage stuff on my own if there is an easy way to get around.


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