Thursday, May 2, 2013

Living and dreaming at McKell High School!

At the flea market last week I bought this little book. I found it in a box full of pictures and as I usually do, I looked through it and decided my limit in price before I walked up to the vendor. I was thrilled when she just asked for a buck! It is really neat! My scanner sucks, but I'm going to post these pictures anyway!
The school must have sold them, since there is a picture of it inside. It is a kind of memory book! I would love been all over this kind of thing when I was in high school. So let's learn about our student...
 Meet Miss Marcella May! I love that sweet little curl in the middle of her forehead.Too bad we don't have her head size and blood type. But at least we know her weight! The next page in the book is for your boyfriend's stats. There is no picture or info filled out, but the name Roger Hart is penciled in, so maybe some wishful thinking on Marcella's part?
 Here are some of her favorites from the year. I love that her hobby is riding in cars!
I wish she had filled out this whole page, but look at her choices of jobs! Fits right in with the gender rolls you hear about from that era.
 The back of the book is full of signatures. I absolutely love a lot of the poems people wrote in her book! I'll type a few out under the classmate pictures! I need to memorize some to write if someone ever asks for my signature. (I used to be super obnoxious and fill up whole pages in year books!)
There are lots about when you get married: 
 "When you get married and live in a shark, Learn your kids to spit through the crack"
"When you get married and have twins, don't come to me for safety pins"
"When you get married and live in a tree, send me a coconut C.O.D."
 Erma Ratcliff wrote: "If you see a monkey up a tree, don't pull its tail, it might be me!"
 "Old Mother Hubbard went to her cupboard, to get her poor daughter a dress,
when she got there the cupboard was bere and so was her daughter I guess" That is pretty saucy Roger! (yes the same Roger from the boyfriend page. I wonder which boy he was!)
 "The higher the mountain the cooler the breeze, The younger the couple the tighter the squeeze"
And I love this weird one from Wanda "I'm yours until the Rocky Mountains grows toes"


  1. this book is so sweet! I love all the comments they wrote. I would love to know what she ended up doing as a job and if she ever went out with roger! thanks for sharing :-)

  2. I love it when I see these.... what a great slice of social history - and fashion/hair inspiration.

    Why on earth anyone would need to know their head size in one of these books is quite baffling, but love it all the same!

  3. I love that her first choice was receptionist (above nurse)...shoot for the stars Marcella May!!! Hahahahaha!!! I know that options were not always as plentiful as they are today. This is such a neat thing to find; my favorite part is all of the illustrations.

  4. What clever poems. We have my great grandfather's university yearbook, but I don't think anyone signed it. I think we have my grandfather's yearbook and there are some signatures and poems. These are so much better than HAGS!

  5. My husband still has his copy of a book that little Welsh kids got given aged about 5. In the hobbies and interest section he has written 'Burying stuff'. Do you think I should be worried?

  6. This is so awesome! Some of her classmates look so much older. I think I am going to have to name a chicken after Marcella May;0

  7. That's such a gorgeous time capsule! I love every page of that book.

  8. This is so neat! I love that you appreciate these little details :) If ever I have an estate sale, you'll be the first I invite.

  9. That's so much fun! I laughed pretty good at the quotes they gave. Great find Rae!

  10. really cool! I think Im gonna have to find an old year book

    urban hounds

  11. I need to post pics from my dads Hs yearbook some day bc under hobbies, a bunch of the girls said "necking". Sluts.


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