Saturday, May 4, 2013

Vintage Photo Haul!

As usual, I picked up a big stack of vintage photos at the flea market this month. One is one of my favorite finds ever! I'll save that one until the bottom of the post, so you better keep reading! Here are some of my favorites from this month: 
Some for my dog collection of course. 
I love finding a few of the same shot. Isn't that hound dog sweet?
See how sweetly she is holding them so they are facing the camera? Ha!
 I try not to buy them if the dog is blurry or not looking, but I couldn't resist that pretty lady!
Isn't that a sweet looking lady? This is a pretty big photo, and I love the composition! It is going in my beach picture collection. (Notice I keep adding categories to my vintage photo collections?)
 And of course, one for my awkward guys in swimsuits collection.
Isn't this a cute photo? It would look great blown up! I love that little guy's face, and the two girl's shoes on the ladder. And I just noticed the cat in the back right!
And here is my favorite of the month! When I first picked  it up I couldn't really tell what was going on. But then I realized those guys were both stuffed in the same uniform! Haha! And see their hands in the back!? I'm still cracking up over it!
Does anyone else collect vintage photos? Do you pretend you only collect certain things to keep your collection from getting out of control? Now I'm collecting dogs, other animals, beaches, vacaction photos, guys in swimsuits, taxidermy, and anything weird.


  1. That last one is so strange.......One of the heads looks really fake....I don't know what to make of it....

    I collect vintage photos! I actually found out the best way to get vintage photos was to buy 35 mm slides off ebay. You can get a whole box for pretty cheap it you look around. The catch is you need a way to view them. I have a vintage projector and a screen as well as a devise that screws onto my camera to let me take pictures of them.

    I also came to the realization that I was trying to collect everything. When traveling I often try to find the ugliest most ridiculous soueviner that the gift shop holds.

    I also buy a postcard everywhere I go that sells them, its a relatively cheap way to get a souvenir.....of course its not cheap to buy vintage postcards, which I have a habit of doing :)

    I also love vintage plastic snow globes. The cheap touristy ones that are all made of plastic.

    1. jacob, we really are two of a kind. i like to buy a tacky magnet, then it went to also buying a vintage post card, and any smashed pennies i can find, and i LOVE plastic snow globes and have a small collection. if you and i traveled together we would come back with a card load of souvenirs!

  2. I like the little family on the ladder and of course the Air Force guys with too much free time! When I was in high school I used to collect tin types, but I quickly stopped that because I saw myself getting out of control. Thankfully I have your photo posts to help me scratch that itch now. :)

  3. I absolutely love the dog ones and the thirties clothing in the pictures. I thought of you yesterday because on the way home from my moms we stopped at a flea market and I got a vintage plate and a really cool science kit box from the 50s. Which there was more stuff like that around here

    urban hounds

  4. Great photo's! I love the granny with the two dogs so much I had to pin it.

  5. Love that your photo categories keep growing...a girl after my collecting heart. The gals with the ladder is a favorite!

  6. You found some real treats! I love vintage photos and my favorites are vacation ones!

  7. My fave is the family on the ladder - priceless!!


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