Wednesday, July 3, 2013

June Flea!

It's that time again! Well, it was last weekend. Time for the Nashville Flea! It was a beautiful weekend and I was happy to be able to make it out on Friday afternoon. The July flea is going to be HOT so it was nice to browse without feeling like I was going to melt. As usual, here are some of the sights I saw!
 How cool are these beauty parlor chairs? 
 Cute little dog ashtray.
 I'm still looking for the perfect light for over our dining room table. I liked this one!
 Look at that big cat in the birdcage! And what a cool birdcage! It makes me want to get some canaries!
 Check out this dinette set! I think it is one of the prettiest I've ever seen. And check out the details on the sides! Have you ever seen one like this? I would have loved to see what kind of family had this in their dining room. 
 That pink zoo book is super familiar too me. I'm thinking it must have been in the church nursery when  I was little. The nursery was FILLED with toys that had belonged to kids in the 50s and 60s and 70s. I bet that is where my love of vintage started! The book was only a dollar, but the spine was totally busted out so i left it behind. I'm sure I'll see it again.
 I kept seeing cute old doll beds this month! I bet I saw 5 more than the ones pictured below. I love these old beds. I have one that I've been threatening to make over for over a year so I can't buy anymore. Dang. but I can take pictures!
 My best friend actually has that little donkey decal tattooed on her arm! What a small world! 
 I couldn't get a great picture of this but I had to share! This bag held flocked aluminum christmas tree branches! I would have loved to see it set up! I haven't ever seen a flocked aluminum tree before.
 This funny little guy made us both laugh. 
 I need a dress to match these! 
 I looked through a few piles of photos of course (there actually weren't many vendors with photos this month which is usual!) I kind of wish I had bought this set of photos of an old appliance showroom.
 These were the coolest things I saw all day! I can't figure out much about them. The sign says "Signed Sylvania Electric". Searching for that brings up lots of stoves and electric products, and a few pin ups that were made for the Sylvania electric company, so I guess that is what these are? I LOVE THEM and if I hadn't just bought us our plane tickets to San Diego I probably would have bought the mermaid one, or the alligator one. I'm hoping there are still there next month, because really, how good would one of these look in my house??
 I'll leave you with this charming vignette. And dang it all if I didn't notice what the sign actually said! I should have gone in that building!


  1. The dining room set looks very high class - we had a plain yellow one at home but it sure wasn't fancy like that!

  2. I LOVE those pin ups. I would have had a hard time leaving those behind!

  3. Looks like a veritable vintage treasure trove in there - think my favourite are those beauty parlour chairs - they look so comfy!

  4. That is truly one of the best dinette sets that I have ever seen! AWESOME!!! I think I would have to choose the cowboy one!

  5. So I went Sunday and someone had just snagged that lovely yellow table set. It was the prettiest thing I've seen! If it wasn't snagged, I might have traded up!

  6. Omagad, that last photo! It's chock full! I mean, the head in the baby carriage is strictly the tip of the iceburg! See also, if you will, the Roman panorama carving behind the sign. And don't miss the bad spelling on the chalkboard to the right...'Honey Due List'. "Darling, when is the buckwheat honey being delivered?" "Not sure dear. Sometime after the clover honey I think. Check the Honey Due List in the hall!"

  7. Yup, you need those posters! How freaking cool are those?!
    That table looks like the Texas version of a 50's dinette set. Extra bling for that family! I would LOVE to have something like that.

  8. It looks really good, that dinette set is fab!

  9. looks like some real cool stuff, i love the dinette set

    urban hounds

  10. I always wonder, who buys those old hair dryer chairs? I mean it's great they exist, fun seeing them.. but I just don't know...

    Always love seeing the stuff you choose to show us! The flocked aluminum tree looks like a couple dead pigeons in a bag, so I'd love to have seen it set up too. Jill is right - that set is HIGH CLASS!

  11. THE. PAINTED. CARNIVAL. CUTOUTS. Even at two hundred smackers, my eyes are watering with sheer covetousness. The cowboy with the felled fellow gunslinger in the background? The snapping alligator? WANT. ALL. OF THEM.

  12. I have passed up beauty parlor chairs on two different occasions and I totally regret it.

    I also find the taxidermy-in-cage interesting....

    As for the comic foregrounds: Simply awesome, I gotta love the alligator the best, but the mermaid is a close second. I have taken to collecting photographs of these, but I would love to have my own


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