Friday, August 16, 2013

Game Night!

For years a group of my friends has gotten together almost every Tuesday night at some bar around town for bar trivia. Everyone seems to be really busy lately, and it hasn't happened as often. A few Tuesdays ago we changed it up and some of the group came over to my house for a throw back game night! We had three games on the table, including a Saved by the Bell Game, and Girl Talk, but we ended up only playing the gem that is Hearth Throb! Do yourself a favor and check out the incredible commercial: 

You might have seen Kimmie's post about it, she is the one that brought it over, and let me tell you, it did NOT disappoint!

The idea of the game is to guess who your friends would have a crush on based on the photos and traits. You start out looks only, then with each round you learn more about your prospective soul mate. I think we ended up playing 6 rounds! It was so fun we didn't even need to change it up. There was a short karaoke break in the middle though.
I liked making everyone pose with their chosen date
Ryan was VERY good at the game. He won almost every round!
I think this might have been Kimmie's face upon learning that one of the potential suitor's bad habit was "his fly is always down." Some of the other bad habits were "Is always whining about something" (we all thought that was terrible) or "has warts on his back" (which was a deal breaker for everyone but Ryan, who said "Warts can be removed!")
Danny there turned out to be a hot commodity. No only was his nickname "Muffin" you can see he can't wait to get married and have a whole bunch of kids. I feel like there was also something about him wanting to skateboard across America. Or was that the guy who was "A hopeless romantic and prone to falling in love." The makers of this game really know how to get to the heart of 10 year old girls!
IT was a pretty great night. And made me want to start having people over again. I'm already planning my next game night!


  1. Jamie looks so pissed about being stuck with Clayton! Am I the only one who didn't think he was such a bad guy!??!

  2. also, I think me and Skip may be my new profile pic!

  3. Oh man I need that game! That's gold!!! Looks like a hilarious night.
    Can't believe I've missed all your longest yard sale posts... Wow!!! I'm bucket listing that!

  4. Oh boy! I can't decide if I want to start a band or a non-profit called Skateboard Across America! This looks super fun.

  5. oh wow. that is hilarious! that add is so darn good. That game actually looks so fun

  6. Love board games!!! Rae - your walls are SO interesting!!!

  7. Girl! Hit me up next time! I want to play! :D


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