Sunday, August 18, 2013

Fancy Antique Auction

A few weekends ago we headed south the Lawrenceburg for an antique auction. My friend Thomas, who went with us to our first auction, is addicted and keeps an eye on the listings. There wasn't really anything in the listing that I really wanted, but it is fun to go and watch!
One thing that kind of sucks about auctions is you have NO IDEA when the stuff you are interested in will go up. It could be 8 hours after the auction starts. I wanted to see how much that lion buggy banner went for, but they were probably hours away from that section when we left.
 I liked this fancy shelving unit.
 The auction was mostly antique furniture, including some really beautiful Victorian stuff (that went for BIG money). I mostly liked all the old advertising stuff. They had a really cool cigar store Indian! All this stuff was at the very back though, so we didn't see any of it up on the block.
 We watched for a few hours. Thomas big on a Victorian piano at one point, but didn't win. It was pretty thrilling! There was one lady in the front whose bill must have been up to $50,000 by the time we left! We figured she had to be a dealer.
 We walked down the little main street in the town to check out the old signs. 
I kind of love the name of this shop! To bad it wasn't open.
 TWe didn't end up buying anything at the auction, but the day wasn't a total bust. We stopped by this little flea market (which was mostly terrible) and Travis got a pretty sweet vintage western shirt!


  1. Can we have a Western party, please? Jamie has a really sweet western shirt with hands of playing cards all over the yoke. It's terrible and needs to hang out.

  2. My hubby and I go to auctions every Saturday night, there's always one somewhere! And once, the item we were waiting on was the very last piece to come up for bid- not only did we stay but three other people were waiting on it too! My hubby said, we stayed for this, I am not going to lose out. We overpaid, but we got it. What was the item? An antique chicken incubator. Yes, go figure..... Auctions are addicting, I am sure that won't be your last one.

  3. That Alka-Seltzer display is pretty cool. The whole time thing is what keeps my from auctions. It doesn't really mix well with a short attention span.


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