Tuesday, August 13, 2013

What I Brought Home From The World's Longest Yard Sale!

And now the moment you've all been waiting for! Ha! Here is what we brought home from the World's Longest Yard Sale! I felt like I got way less than last year, but comparing it to last year's picture it seems about the same. Check it out!
I got two flocked reindeer for a quarter each! The little fawn lamp is so sweet. I put it on my bedside table. It is perfect for reading late at night when Travis has already gone to sleep. I'm on the lookout for a small fiberglass shade for it.
I got a few pairs of salt and pepper shakers for my collection, just like last year. Elsie and Elmer are so cute. Elsie is one of my favorite advertising mascots of all time! You can see the peanut shakers we got there to the right.
I have been wanting a set of cute cows like this forever! I see them a lot, but never at a price I liked. I'm glad to finally have this cute pair.
 Poodles of course! i can't resist this style especially. 
 And you know I couldn't resist this little homemade guy with the rhinestone eyes. 
This mug is pretty much all Travis bought. He said he used to go to Druther's when he was a kid. Under the mug is a milk glass mixing bowl. I had been looking for a bowl that size.
I really didn't see many dream pets this year. But I couldn't resist this little guy from Six Flags over Georgia! What a cute souvenir! I need to cut that ragged ribbon off him.
I didn't realize how much I loved old trophies before. The taller one is for Miss Chattanooga in the Miss America pageant system. The little one supposedly belonged to a cowboy who participated in rodeos until he was 85! I love how the plastic horse looks on top. It will look good with my collection of old horse books.
 A close up on pretty Miss America.
 It is hard to get a good photo of this dish, but isn't it pretty? I try to store all our food in glass instead of plastic, so I'm always on the lookout for good looking glass storage pieces.
This is a sheet of temporary tattoos from the 1950's! The vendor who had this actually sells at the Nashville Flea Market and I've almost bought a sheet of these so many times! I finally bit the bullet. I plan on framing them for my wild west guest room.
I bought that big photo of the baby for the frame. I love the black and gold floral detail. I'm going to put a photo from my collection in it, I just haven't decided which yet.
 Speaking of photos, I brought home a BUNCH. Including a large tinted one!
I mostly brought home dog photos, as usual. With a few Christmas, Halloween, photobooth, and vacation photos sprinkled in there. I'll scan some and show you the highlights another day!
 I found this sweet little album as well! It is totally blank, and I'll fill it with some of my photos! It is hard to read in this photo, but it says "Snaps" on the front! I've seen these before, but not one with a dog on the cover. It couldn't be more perfect.
And last but not least, our last purchase of the weekend! I found this fiberglass shade hanging from a rope in a tent. The lady didn't even make me barter, she came way down on the price before I even said I was interested! I have been looking for a shade like this to go with the masonic temple lamp I bought at an estate sale last month. 
 Here it is in action! Perfection!
Notice the fancy cat hole in my blinds. Haha. I keep saying I'll replace those, but really, what is the point?
I feel pretty happy about what we brought home this year! We even came in under budget!


  1. I am so friggin in love with your deer lamp! It is so perfect...and totally would match the woodland theme in your craft room! SO CUTE! Also, I think amusement park memorabilia is super hot right now. That six flags mug I sold on ebay was a hot commodity...and ended up going for like $35 bucks.

  2. Love the Miss Chattanooga. I would love to see pics of her competing.

  3. Sounds like you guys had a fun trip, I have enjoyed reading about it. I hope to go one day. I love the horse trophy and the tattoos but I think my favorite is the Beagle picture (I have a beagle named Lucy).

  4. Good haul there. I actually love the little burlap shade on the fawn lamp. Live with it awhile and it may grow on you.

  5. Great haul, I'm so jealous I'm dying to go to the Worlds Longest Yard Sale. That deer lamp is adorable and that shade looks fab on your masonic lamp. Pretty sure I need some masonic paraphernalia in my life.


  6. That lamp! How ridiculous! It's so awesome ;) How could you not buy it, right?
    Never, ever seen somethin like it.... really cool stuff. I did notice that most everything has a cute, kitschy face.
    We're totally grown children ;)

  7. Nice finds. I just found that EXACT snapshot album from the thrift a few weeks ago. It's filled with photos from a 1940s vacation. The only problem is that the "p" in "Snaps" is missing from the front cover. Oh well!

    <3 Jackie @ Let's Go Thrifting!

  8. The new shade looks perfect on that lamp! The sheet of tattoos is pretty cool too. I didn't realize temporary tattoos had been around for so long.

  9. Those cows and that deer lamp are killing me!

  10. omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg fawn lamp fawn lamp fawn lamp.

    i can't even handle it.

  11. AWESOME FINDS FOR YOU!!! Thanks for sharing!

  12. What great stuff! I knew you'd score big! I remember seeing so many things at the WLYS that I'd never seen around here. I think that I love the trophies best or god, those amazing temporary tattoos. I'm going to have to get that guy's booth location from you. I'd love to have some too to frame. Old legitimate Western themed stuff is getting harder and harder to come by.

  13. The Elsie and Elmer shakers are super, I have never seen them before. The peanut guy has been on my want list for quite a long time. I can`t seem to find those guys at a reasonable price.

  14. I have the same fawn lamp from an antique mall in WNY! I've yet to find the perfect lampshade for it as well.

  15. Hello
    I hope you don't think I'm a nut. I stumbled on your blog googling for a vintage local winnner Miss America trophy. I promised my step daughter that she could have all my old pageant stuff (she is 12 and has become fascinated by it all). The problem is that I can't find my trophy anywhere & suspect it got lost in a move. I have been looking on eBay for two years and have come across a ton of MA trophies, just not the right year. I need 1980s version. The one you found in the yard sale is exactly what I need. Is there ANY chance at all that you'd be willing to sell it? Or trade something? PLEASE let me know & thank you so much.

  16. Hi
    I sure hope that you don't think I'm a nut but I stumbled on your blog googlong for a vintage local winner Miss America trophy. My 12 year old step daughter has become fascinated with my old pageant stuff and I promised her that she could have it. But I can't find my trophy anywhere & I suspect it was lost in a move. I have been looking on eBay for two years and have found tons of them BUT not the right year. I need 1980's version. The one you found in the yard sale is EXACTLY right. Is there any chance that you would be willing t sell it? Or trade for something? Thank so much


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