Friday, August 30, 2013

Vintage Photo Friday: Beach Edition!

This Friday I thought I would show you some of my beach photos, not to be confused with my collection of men and awkward bathing suit photos. Haha. 
Butch and Ross, Oceanside, California 1938. Travis and I did this on the California beaches too, of course. 
Look at these two sitting under the Atlantic City boardwalk with that fabulous poodle!
Here are Bryan and Mary Charles in 1956. I love her little bow barrette, and those smart little robes!
Here are Sam and Pearl Lee sitting on their porch at the Beachcomber in Daytona Beach, Florida. See the cat in Pearl's hands? And what a great spot for a beach cottage! See that surf in the back?
I wish there was a note on the back to tell me where this is. Any ideas? I'm pretty sure I bought it for that guy in the front right wearing suspenders and no shirt on the beach!
Those matching swim caps! To bad they aren't all smiling. It might be because their bathing suits look pretty uncomfortable.
Here is Dad and Jim goofing off in front of a great looking beach playground.
And here we have another one of my all time favorites! Another shot from Pearl Lee's Daytona vacation. check out her sandals! And the monkey on her shoulder! The photo by itself is great, but the back makes it: On US #1 South of Daytona at Ella's bar. The monkey stole the show by the way I look He was untieing a ribbon I had my hair tied with. And he has just whipped his tail in my wide open mouth!" It doesn't get any better than that. 


  1. Oh the I long for the ocean and sand between my toes! Anyway, cool collection! Love the one of the lady with the cat at the house on the beach. I wonder if that house is still there?

  2. Oh how lovely are these pics? Do you collect these old pics? What are great fun feature on your blog I'll have to check in more often, I've been a long time follower but haven't commented.

  3. That monkey DOES. NOT. CARE.

  4. You know I have a thing for swim caps so that one photos totally rocks...

  5. PEARL AND SAM SEEM SO FUN! I mean monkeys and beachside brewskies. Sam doesnt seem to give a shit. I love it. Also, that one with no message on the back appears to be in California or Hawaii...somewhere with mountains pretty near the sea.

  6. I just love your posts of vintage photos!

  7. Really nice photos. I loved following your California trip on instagram too



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