Thursday, September 5, 2013

Our Trip To California!

Travis and I have been talking about making a trip out to the west coast for years! We were there for about a week and I have so much to show you! Get ready for probably too many posts. I just can't help it!
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We flew into  San Diego late on Friday night. We stayed at a random hotel near the airport, and this was our few when we stepped out our door on Saturday morning. Woo! Look at those palm trees! We travel a lot, but mostly in the South. Before this trip the furthest west Travis had been was Colorado. It was fun to go somewhere so different from home.
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We slept in late (Travis' one request for our vacation) so our first order of business was finding some lunch. I turned to the trusty Happy Cow app of course. It was crazy how many options there were! 
 photo 02_zpsf11b5b72.jpg
We decided on the Loving Hut.
 photo 03_zps2beeb451.jpg
My favorite thing were these wontons! They were so so freaking good!
 photo 04_zps07a819af.jpg
Travis was so happy already. He gets up at 4 am for work normally, so I think knowing he would get to sleep in for a week was the most exciting thing. Actual quote from this phone conversation "It's the bomb so far man!"
 photo 05_zpsa271ff72.jpg
I got a BBQ sandwich and it was amazing! Loving Hut is a chain, but there aren't any near us. I wish there were! There were so many things on the menu that looked good. They were also playing this strange foreign video of some kind of teleconference? And every time I looked, the people were talking about pigeons materializing from no where. 
 photo 06_zpsbc9fd9ec.jpg
We hadn't really made plans in San Diego so after lunch we headed to San Bernadino to meet up with some friends. The drive was blowing my mind. This probably sounds dumb, but the landscape was so alien to this southern lady. And the mountains! 
 photo 07_zps3d501e44.jpg
Don't worry, I only let myself take a few photos from the car.
 photo 08_zps05f93252.jpg
Oh yeah, we also stopped by a Whole Foods of course. We went to three while we were there! I can't resist. I always have to snoop through their Whole Body section and steal ideas for my department. We got these Beyond Meat spicey Chik'n stripes at the San Diego Whole Foods and they were so delicious. We talked about getting some more when we came back to San Diego for our return flight (we probably talked about them every single day), but they didn't have them that day! It was so dissapointing. I'm going to try and get Travis to recreate these. 
 photo 09_zpsf21355b4.jpg
We got to Aaron and Valerie's house and spent the rest of the day just hanging out and running errands with them. Aaron was one of our best friends in high school. He and I used to go to shows together a lot (Travis always had to work). He moved out to California to marry Valerie and we've missed him! She is awesome though. I feel like we are best friends even though I've only really hung out with her 5 or 6 times. They took us out to dinner at Souplantation, which was pretty great. I love a big salad bar!
So our first day was pretty low key, but nice. I'm trying to learn that you don't have to plan every single second of your vacation.


  1. I love California so much! I vacationed there in late July and I'm still blogging about it! Haha Any drive in California is beautiful, I know what you mean.

  2. The foods looks so good, the views are beautiful - can't wait to see the rest of your travel story...

  3. Palm trees...I dream about palm trees!

  4. Wahhh... I wish you guys were still here! But I can't wait to read all of your posts and relive your visit!

  5. I totally relate. Everytime I visit LA, it's like another world. The landscape, weather, the people!! Everything is way different.

  6. ahhhhhh this makes me miss home SO HARD. even san bernardino which is the armpit of socal, but is where i went to college and grad school.


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