Thursday, August 8, 2013

World's Longest Yard Sale: Part One!

The World's Longest Yard Sale was last weekend and boy oh boy did I take a lot of photos! I'm going to try and narrow it down, but I feel like you guys will be into it so here come a few posts!
 photo 01_zps69227453.jpg
We met up with our caravan EARLY Saturday morning. I stole this photo from Lauren's instagram, because I never got a group photo. Most of these people I met in college, and then of course there is Thomas that I have known since middle school! We got off to kind of a rocky start, but made it to the route by around 9 am.
 photo 02_zpse3889414.jpg
 photo 03_zpsb9b16358.jpg
I wish potato chips still came in these cute awesome cans!
 photo 04_zps06b1af2b.jpg
I saw lots of carnival chalk that I loved, but I never pulled the trigger. Those doves are so sweet!
 photo 05_zps885ae088.jpg
I was also really into trophies all of a sudden. I did not buy this gorgeous one.
 photo 06_zpscd779e14.jpg
Whenever I turned around to find Travis far behind, it was always because he was looking at knives. This booth had tons of swiss army knives but he didn't end up with (another one). This lady had the best old pin back buttons. One said "Sad sack" and I really wanted it! But I didn't want to spend 10 bucks on it. Ah well.
 photo 07_zpsb509f81b.jpg
I wish I had gotten a better photo of this gorgeous patio set! It was in PERFECT condition and such a good color! We were all drooling over it.
 photo 08_zps8ecdfee4.jpg
This toy cat was cute! Travis and I were cracking up watching it bat the ball around and spin its tail!
 photo 09_zps242106a3.jpg
Another great carnival chalk! And those glasses! Can you believe I didn't bring home any glasses from the sale? Cute vintage glasses are totally my weakness.  photo 10_zpsa769472a.jpg
Thomas wanted to buy some old signs these weekend. They are SO expensive! We loved that Jerry's sign to his right. It used to have light bulbs in all those holes! How cool is that? I think it was around 3000 bucks. He did end up getting a White Lily Research Lab sign that is pretty great.
 photo 11_zps414be24c.jpg
Look at the fabric on this clown dress! I'm not into clowns at all but I love the colors and pattern. See the little trapeze guys? And the circus horse! This dress was TINY though. I hope someone bought it!
 photo 12_zps0855d1ce.jpg
I LOVE this WW2 era caricature! I didn't even know these existed. I'm going to keep my eyes peeled for a good deal on one! One that that kind of stinks about the sale is most vendors only take cash, so you really have to be careful about what you buy. You don't want to blow most of your budget early!
 photo 13_zpsa9f1aff0.jpg
At one stop we kept finding amazing jackets like this! One of the vendors told me that they were made by native Americans out of wool blankets. They have a name but I can't remember what she told me. (cool story bro)
 photo 14_zps2f751283.jpg
Here I am modeling a different one. This one wasn't lined and it was SO scratchy! But it had that sweet tassel. I was trying to get an action shot. It kind of worked.
 photo 15_zps8e6badd1.jpg
The cutest toy ice cream truck!
 photo 16_zps7f615256.jpg
This lamp killed me too! The graphics are so great and I haven't ever seen something like them on an old lamp. It looked like it was made of milk glass. If those puppies had been on a set of mugs they would have come home with me for sure!  photo 17_zps19fe3d8d.jpg
Cutest plastic bag!
 photo 19_zps8f7045d4.jpg
I haven't seen a Santa like this before, have you? I didn't even ask the price but now I'm wondering.  photo 20_zps614501f8.jpg
 photo 21_zps17edd0b1.jpg
Here I am with my first purchase of the day! I've almost bought a set of these cute Mr. Peanut shakers for my collecion many times, but these guys were the right price!
I'll be back tomorrow to show you some more!


  1. I love your pictures, it is like I am whit you over there

  2. Just about every pic has something great, that must have been so much fun!!

  3. That patio set is what dreams are made of! Swoon, so lovely...

  4. The jackets are called Hudson Bay Point Blanket Coats. They can go for $$$$! I know a guy that collects them- probably has a dozen or more!

    1. wow! these weren't too expensive. all from 70 to 90 bucks.

  5. The clown dress!! For sure wouldn't fit me but still!

  6. Please feel free to drag this on foreverrrrr.... You can't possibly overdo these posts!
    I know two people who would implode if they saw those Mr. Peanut S&P shakers.
    Just call me Vicarious Vicky..... <3

  7. I want everything! I love those Hudson Bay coats and the santa and the caricature and the clown house coat and...... How fun! I can't wait to see the rest.

  8. Ugh...we couldn't do it this year but we'll be back next year for sure!

  9. Love the Hudson Bay jackets! Being Canadian I have 2 vintage Hudson Bay blankets that I use in the winter when we go sledding...they are super warm but can be itchy.

    1. i bet! one of the ones we saw as lined in some kind of satiny fabric. it would be awesome for the winter!

  10. So jealous. Awesome pictures. I want that ice cream truck!

  11. Aaah! I just now caught up to reading these posts about the WLY...I haven't ever been, but these pictures are making me kick myself for not committing to it this year! SO MANY CUTE THINGS! The ice cream truck and your shakers may be my favorite in this one.

    1. you have GOT to go next year! just for saturday at least! you will be in heaven!


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