Friday, August 9, 2013

World's Longest Yardsale: Part 2!

 photo 01_zps7f715151.jpg
Halfway through the day everyone was starving and looking for food. There aren't very many actual restaurants around the route. Travis and I brought sandwiches and snacks, but we stopped at this cluster of tents so everyone else could get yard sale tacos.
 photo 02_zps28f258ff.jpg
As you can see I was working on my sun burn by this time! Ugh, someday I'll learn and put on sunscreen BEFORE it start getting red. Thankfully it ended up not being too bad.
 photo 03_zps3b86f50d.jpg
At this same stop Travis finally found a knife that I will willingly carry. Ha!
 photo 04_zpse2552239.jpg
Did I mention that Lauren brought her puppy Billie? Isn't she precious? Lauren is a photographer and Billie already knows how to pose!
 photo 05_zpsf345ca03.jpg
Last year I couldn't find any vintage photos but there were lots this year! The guy running this booth is one of my favorite regular vendors at the Nashville flea! He hasn't had pictures the last few months because he said he was saving them up for this sale! Ugh! I dug through a few boxes and ended up buying 20 from him.
  photo 06_zps9b3d2190.jpg
Another Lauren Instagram pic. Two of my favorites from the weekend! The beagle photo on the right is so crisp and clear! And that wagon full of puppies! What could be more perfect?
 photo 07_zpsdb824398.jpg
We saw a few people selling puppies. I would NEVER buy a puppy from the side of the road (can you say puppy mill?) but I WILL hold a tiny chihuahua baby! He was SO tiny.   photo 08_zpse28c065f.jpg
Ok, have you ever seen a cuter pair of shoes? These are probably my biggest regret! I have never seen anything like them! They were around 30 bucks but I probably could have talked them down. And they are so perfect!   photo 09_zps31ee59b1.jpg
Sweet little dolls.  photo 10_zps90e7a396.jpg
Cutest hat stand.  photo 11_zpsb2731202.jpg
I LOVED this hat! If it had fit my giant head I probably would have bought it for the beach!
 photo 12_zps6e6eab8a.jpg
Of course there was Pyrex galore!  photo 13_zpsa7ef66ed.jpg
That gum parker! Another weird thing I wish I had bought.
  photo 14_zps9836b29b.jpg
Travis bought a tornado potato. It was so good!  photo 15_zps0999a1f0.jpg
Basket full of Santas!   photo 16_zps2431dea7.jpg
Hmmm. I didn't donate because the person in front of me was in there for at LEAST seven minutes and that is TOO long. I gave up.  photo 17_zps454db772.jpg
Later in the day we met a lizard!  photo 18_zpsc85f9b00.jpg  photo 19_zpsad48b059.jpg  photo 20_zps7f669033.jpg
You know I bought this! Just a buck! I don't know if I'll ever get anyone to play with me.
  photo 21_zps3f005f1c.jpg
Brett DIDN'T buy this.  photo 22_zpseff2f20b.jpg
There are tons of beautiful classic cars for sale along the route. Look at that stunner! I would drive that!  photo 23_zps181d9c0f.jpg
By about 5:30 we were all dead on our feet so we called it a day! We stopped by Sonic for a little pick me up before driving to McMinville to stay at Brett's parent's house. It was so great! His mom made us dinner and we had a fire and Travis and then crashed in bed. I slept SO hard that night! 


  1. ....those dolls in the ziplock bag....You got such a beautiful shot of the doll furniture, Rae.
    This looks like you made some wonderful memories :)
    Keep it comin!.....

  2. This looks insane. What was with the michael Jackson Blade? So weird.

  3. I didn't even know there was a such a thing as a gum parker.

    Animals roadside make me so sad. It's starting to become illegal in certain states and hopefully that will spread everywhere (although illegal is not always enforced...).

    Those skunk shoes are killing me.

  4. That looks like THE perfect time. And oh my god, your chest looks sooooo red. :(

    1. ugh i know! i burn so easily, you think I would have learned in the past 28 years that I need to put on sunscreen as soon as possible!

  5. I had a smaller version of the Golden MASH trivia game. It was awesome. The questions were tough.

    1. its really hard! i just flipped through a few cards and could hardly answer anything!

  6. Love the Santas!! Why oh why is a person drawn to those things?


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