Saturday, August 10, 2013

World's Longest Yard Sale: Part Three!

We didn't start as early on the second day, which was nice. I will be honest, after the LONG HOT day we had Saturday, I was a little over the sale. I had a headache and a sunburn and felt a little sick. I actually think I had mild sun poisoning! But a good dinner and some rest was all I needed to be back in the mood on Sunday! Here we are at our first stop. Or maybe our second? 
TIP! If you end up at the sale, and are looking for vintage, the best use of your time is pulling up to the big fields full of vendors. Stopping at individual yard sales takes a LONG time, and from experience, they usually don't have the kind of stuff I'm looking for.
 photo stolen from rosemary
 That big painting in the middle was there last year! I love it!
 I thought for sure there would be something good among all this glassware, but there was nothing!
 More pyrex!
Hmmmm. I'm not sure how useful this would actually be.
 I couldn't decide if the lollypop clown was cute or creepy.
 You know I love old taxidermy. I didn't bring any little friends home this year though.
 Cutest little stoves.
 This creative censoring made us laugh.
 Pretty cute little grab bag! You can't see it really, but there is a tiny gold fawn in there too. 
 Cute vintage poodle buddy stuck in with all the M+M stuff. 
Hmmm. Seems legit.


  1. the body piercing tent creeps me out, but I admire their sense of entrepreuership!

  2. Totally legit body piercing. Hahaha. Love the boy watching mug. So cute.

  3. That painting looks a young Sean Connery, ooh la la ;)
    Man, what a cool grab bag! You know well the love/hate swirling of emotions that come with grab bags...but that vendor seemed to be a savvy grab bag extraordinaire.
    Did you buy any? I look forward to your posts about what you actually got!

  4. Your Frostie pic made me remeber, I loved that stuff!!

    Did you buy anything?.


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