Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A short trip to Palm Springs

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Our little trip to Palm Springs wasn't planned at all, so I hadn't really researched anything for us to do while we were there other than drive around and point and cute signs and houses. There is an app available for 5 bucks that will guide you to points on interest, but Travis wasn't into it. So we just winged it.
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We had to stop and see Marilyn of course.
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We ate lunch at the Palm Greens Cafe and I got a sandwich called the vegan haystack. I'm trying to be brave and not get my food plain all the time so I didn't customize a thing. I got it bbg sauce, pickled jalapenos and all. And it was GREAT!
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Travis loved his too. He might have been tired of getting his photo taken by this point. Haha.
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If I had planned ahead we would have stayed in the Ace Hotel for the night. Someday! We did walk around the grounds. It was so beautiful!
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I was a little obsessed with cacti the entire day.
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One of the cutest signs I've ever seen!
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We actually did a little vintage shopping right outside Palm Springs, the only shopping we did on our whole trip! I'll show you some of the sights I saw tomorrow!


  1. I'm from this area and I always loved that pink elephant lol

  2. The Caliente Tropics is where the hold a few different tiki events on a yearly basis.

    Did you go inside? Its beautiful.

    The A-frame roof fell down a few years ago and thankfully they restored it


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