Friday, September 13, 2013

West Coast Vintage Shopping

We didn't do much vintage shopping while we were in California. Which is kind of a surprise because that is one of my favorite things to do while on vacation! Especially so far from home. We saw all kinds of things we don't normally see in Tennessee at the one shop we stopped at right out side of Palm Springs. Oh well, next time! Here are some of the cool things I saw.
 photo 01_zps1754e561.jpg
Look at all that Bakelite! I love looking at it, but I've never bought anything. Don't you love that snazzy water bottle display? Ha! I've never seen a case full of Bakelite so it was a treat too see all this displayed together!
 photo 02_zpsae8eb5ad.jpg
I really thought about getting one of these guys. I was torn between the bucking bronco and the little native American dude with one googly eye. In the end they were just a little to expensive for my taste.
 photo 03_zps0baeae52.jpg
I REALLY wanted this bean art clown! Isn't he great? If I thought he would have made it home on the plane I might have pulled the trigger. I am now on the lookout for some bean art for my house! I have an owl mostly made out of sunflower seeds already, but I NEED beans!
 photo 04_zps8bc71334.jpg
I also loved these hand drawn portraits of the seven dwarves! They were very charming, every single one was just a little bit off.
 photo 05_zps0b39f42e.jpg
Gorgeous Southwest table cloth, but they wanted over a hundred bucks for it! It was small to, probably not even big enough for a card table.
 photo 06_zpsf46cc628.jpg
I hadn't ever seen anything like these jewel eyed animals. Pretty cute!
 photo 07_zpsf6c7174c.jpg
I was gushing over this cowboy light and checking out the price when I remembered that I totally HAVE this exact light in my front room, waiting for the day I turn it into my wild west guest room! It is terrible when you have so much cool stuff that you forget exactly what you have? I need to get working on that room!
 photo 08_zps21fc7039.jpg
There was SO much great mid century stuff. I LOVE those flamingos.
 photo 09_zps25c1a227.jpg
And figural lamps. I am on my way to having only weird figural lamps in my whole house.
 photo 10_zpsffbb81e9.jpg
Check out that silk screen! How awesome would it be to be able to screen Gerald Ford's presidential seal on whatever you wanted! So handy!
 photo 11_zps16b7487f.jpg
Here is what we ended up getting. A poodle dream pet for me, and a JFK cup for Travis. Not too bad!


  1. That deer with the pink crystal eyes is mega creepy.

  2. Wow, I usually don't see that type of stuff when I hit thrift/antique stores either! *Sigh* over all the Bakelite.

  3. That Dream Pet is adorable! Rae, we can make knock-offs of those little wooden indians with googly eyes... and you should make your own bean portrait of your "children". Funny just to think about!

    1. oh man, why didn't i think of that! bean portrait! now in the works!

  4. That's some great stuff! There is an estate sale this weekend has two gorgeous bean art rooster pieces. The Sylvan Park one maybe?

    1. I'm so bummed i will be out of town. Keep an eye out for more bean stuff! i haven't been looking at the listings because we are saving up for our bathroom remodel. but I might go out for beans!

  5. All that bakelite makes me drool! And the bean art is pretty cool, not something you see every day.


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