Monday, September 16, 2013

Desert Drive! Last day on the West Coast.

Now we've come to the last post from our trip to California! I wanted to wrap it up last week, but we went out of town AGAIN over the weekend so I didn't get a chance.
 photo 01_zps655df7f5.jpg
After we drove through Palm Springs we took a scenic drive through the San Bernadino National Forest on our way to San Diego. Check out that rainbow to the right! Amazing!
 photo 02_zps58208412.jpg
Neither of us had ever seen the desert so it was blowing our minds. I had to make myself put the camera down because I couldn't stop taking photos!
 photo 03_zps3daaf4b8.jpg
It was so unlike any other place we've ever been!
 photo 04_zps3473df41.jpg
I was freaking out over everything. Especially big cacti like this!!!
 photo 05_zps64104a7a.jpg
Here is my "OMG look at that cactus!" face. Travis told me to cut it out because he kept thinking something was wrong.
 photo 06_zpsf9439466.jpg
We pulled over at lots of scenic overlooks.
 photo 07_zpsb6b21c8d.jpg
Look at all the switch backs!
 photo 08_zps713abdb0.jpg
Me, being a dork. It was such a wonderful vacation. We were feeling so relaxed and being goofy.
 photo 09_zps45478aa4.jpg
 photo 10_zps33aa57ef.jpg
It was a pretty long drive, but it was so beautiful we didn't mind. photo 11_zps7c606788.jpg
 photo 12_zpsb0e1aa1a.jpg
We saw a bunch of these statues. I liked how they were positioned by the road. photo 13_zpse6ea0bcf.jpg
We got to San Diego and check into the King's Inn. I had seen it when we were heading out of town on our first day in California and had to stay there on our way back! It was cute and mid-century looking on the outside. That is really all I need in a hotel.
 photo 15_zpsb61d870b.jpg
The pool was gorgeous! Too bad we got into town too late to go swimming. We laid around then room for a bit to unwind, then went to see The World's End at the mall. We have a tradition of going to the movies while we are on vacation. It was great!
 photo 16_zps48379aac.jpg
Next morning we got up bright and early since we had to be at the airport.
 photo 17_zpsfd2539dc.jpg
 photo 18_zpsf4c6d502.jpg
 photo 19_zps9d05798b.jpg
We stopped by the Whole Foods for breakfast. Their vegan muffins were SO MUCH better than the ones at my store! Travis got a juice too, and I got some fruit.
 photo 20_zps74f281f1.jpg
Here we are at the airport. So sad to be going home! The week we spend in California was one of our best trips ever! It was so sad that it was over. I can't wait for our next vacation!
 photo 21_zpsb356599d.jpg


  1. I am so glad that you guys had a good time here. I'm even more glad that you got to see the desert; I get to see it all the time but the joy of it never wears off! I love it so much!!! That drive is long but beautiful and so inspiring. Your photos are priceless - I love that your awe-inspired face made Travis think something was wrong. Come back anytime!!!

  2. What a fun way to end your trip. That hotel is the same one I stayed at many many years ago when I went on a week long trip to San Diego! I saved for two dang years for that trip. Wish I remembered more of it now...

  3. Ahh the desert! The first time I saw it was when I moved to San Diego in 2004 and I felt exactly the same way- just in awe. The Waffle Spot at Kings Inn was one of me and the mister's regular weekend breakfast joints. Man I miss that town! So glad y'all had a great trip! :)

  4. wow looks really cool

    urban hounds

  5. Aww...being from Phoenix, desert landscapes look like home to me! I enjoyed your pics; thanks for sharing your trip.

  6. So so beautiful. We don't have anything like that here in Australia.

  7. I am just catching up with your trip..too bad I didn't know you were in town because i was in LA when you were :(

    You guys looked like you had a blast!


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