Monday, September 30, 2013

Estate Sales!

Can you believe I haven't been to an estate sale since the beginning of June!? I needed to take a little break. I know a lot of you are vintage collectors like me, and you probably understand that you can get TOO into it and start bringing home every single cute thing, not matter if you have room or a use for it! I was in the place, so I had to take a step back. Then this past Thursday I was off work and decided to check out a few sales in town. I had a great time, and I'm excited to be back out there! Here are some photos from the three houses I visited.
 photo 01_zpse80c7b8b.jpg
Now I'm wishing I would have taken a better look at that cute rug!
 photo 02_zps46506e3c.jpg
Pretty paper in a utility room.
 photo 03_zps0bf4f428.jpg
I loved the shelf paper in the kitchen too. Look at that turquoise!
 photo 04_zps237614ae.jpg
Hmmm. 16 dollars? Really?
 photo 05_zps7bec91e4.jpg
When I turned the corner and saw this pink bathroom I almost squealed out loud! It was so gorgeous!
 photo 06_zpsa0246c39.jpg
I even love the snowflake tiles! How weird is it to have snowflakes out year round? The linoleum in our utility room has snowflakes on it too. Oh I wish I had a pink bathroom like this! Look at the towel rack! Maybe someday...
 photo 07_zps54255dc1.jpg
This turquoise bathroom was in a different house (I think) and it was just as amazing! I LOVE the tiled counter top! And the sink! And the toilet!
 photo 08_zps9a999113.jpg
I love the little built in soap dishes and a little shelf for your toothbrush cup.
 photo 09_zps6d4fd4da.jpg
And the shower! Maybe we'll be able to start our bathroom renovation at the beginning of 2014.
 photo 10_zps201852a4.jpg
I love seeing a pile like this in a garage. The house was pretty packed but no one was out here! You can always find a few little gems if you dig.
 photo 11_zps5671af1c.jpg
Do you see that little guy peeking out!
 photo 12_zpse12f07a5.jpg
I brought home a pretty great basketful! I'll show you what I got tomorrow!


  1. I'm so glad that you went to that sale! I was captivated by that lady portrait on the ad but didn't get to go. That house is amazing! What is that on the wall of the pink bathroom? I am intrigued by that whale you got!

    1. it is a 3D fish painting thing. It wasn't vintage, and looked weird, and as you can see it doesn't really fit into that space. it had a big "not for sale" sign on it though. it might have been attached though!

      i ended up not getting the whale and now i regret it! i was worried my total would be too big, but it was the bearinice lady who under prices eveything so I should have gone back for him! I couldn't figure out what it was. it was full of some kind of oily liquid, and his tail came off and there was a bottle inside with a pointy end.

  2. cute pink bathroom, the price for that doll though is crazy

    urban hounds

  3. I thought the pink bathroom was cute but then I scrolled down and there was the turquoise one, and it was even cuter!

  4. Looking forward to the finds....looks like a bunny ear peeking out?

  5. Wasn't that a cute pink bathroom? They paired great wallpaper with that tile--the pink birds were really pretty. Not sure why the crazy fish plaque was NFS, but I think the owners thought the house would show better if it was left. That house had some cute things but an odd odor that couldn't quite be covered. I liked that neighborhood...wondered how we missed it when we were house-hunting.

  6. Those bathrooms! They're fantastic! The first house we were going to buy had three bathrooms - one pink, one yellow and the other baby blue. I loved it, the husband hated it. We had them turn the water on for the inspection (it was a foreclosed house) and because it wasn't winterized right the plumbing kind of exploded. So much water leaked that two of the bathrooms were ruined. Needless to say, we didn't get that house! I wish I had pictures, you would have loved it!

  7. I cannot BELIEVE those bathrooms!!! SO COOL!!! I also can't believe that you're allowed to cruise around the whole house almost... wow that's cool.
    In that huge garage rummage pile I can see 3 things I'd go for right of the bat.. SO fun rummaging!!!

  8. Ahhhh I have never seen an ice crusher mounted in a house before (2nd photo) how cool!
    I own that same crusher but in red/white and blue/white.



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