Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Estate Sale Finds!

Here is my little pile from the three estate sales I went to over the weekend. Most of it came from just one. I had to zoom out my usual shot to get in those bunny ears!
 photo 01_zpsde810270.jpg
I have barely any vintage Easter, it'll be fun to get this silly guy out next year! His ears are really silky, with stiff wire inside so they stand up so tall.
 photo 02_zpsb6c8c6b5.jpg
I try to resist planters, but this stork one was just too cute. I'll have to give it to someone for a baby gift! I found a nice little pile of Christmas at the first sale. The stockings say "Dear Dad" and "Mother Love" around the top!
 photo 03_zps3dd23a46.jpg
Here is the sweet little bunny that was peeking out of the box in the picture I posted yesterday. When I saw the brown ear at first I was worried that he was stained, but it looks like it was just a strange chenille dying thing. This guy is so cute, I might not be able to put him away until Easter.
 photo 04_zps3feafe71.jpg
How cute is this package of tiny clothes pins to hang your Christmas cards from?
 photo 05_zps89846472.jpg You know I have a hard time resisting vintage animals when they are this cute! He is a seal!
 photo 06_zpsbc4f8b12.jpg
I found a few tiny spun head angels buried deep in a box of wrapping paper!
 photo 07_zps2930d1d6.jpg
I found one of these pinecone gnomes I love too! His cone is a little battered, but I bet I can fix him.
 photo 08_zps0b27995f.jpg
I can't resist a felt Santa! I think these guys are light switch covers The felt and rick rack lovelies in the background are napkin rings! I got the owl trivet to add to my Halloween decor.
 photo 09_zpsac4244d5.jpg
The scottie bookends look hand made to me! And I hadn't seen an old light up star like that one on the left before!
 photo 10_zpsc63c9522.jpg
I always pick up tins like this if the graphics are cute. They are handing for storing all your little Christmas trinkets! I've really got to go through all my Christmas this year and organize it.
 photo 11_zps39311ae8.jpg
I picked up two new games. Hi-Q is similar to that game you play at Cracker Barrel where you jump the pegs. The other game is so unfortunately named. Who the heck thought "Zit - Zingo" would appeal to kids!
 photo 13_zpse339028c.jpg
But I got it anyway,because it is travel bingo! But instead of the reusable boards like I had as a kid, it is just a pick stack of paper ones.
 photo 14_zps48e82b6b.jpg
I picked up a few books of course. I would have gotten more but one sale had them priced pretty high. I have been wanting to read the Dolly book for a while, I just never came across it at an estate sale before somehow.
 photo 15_zpse05d41de.jpg
There were a BUNCH of books like the Dale Evans one, but about all the different cowboy stars. I would have bought a few more but they were too much for me.
 photo 16_zpsdda268db.jpg
This is kind of a random purchase. These are old blank tapes! I love the box graphics! So much cooler than the plain ones I used to buy in high school to make mix tapes!
 photo 17_zps1df903a6.jpg
These were recorded on already. Apparently they were big Mike Connors fans. I looked him up, and apparently he is best known for his role on the tv show Mannix. I like that they just recorded the audio!
 photo 18_zps726063ec.jpg
And last but not least, a girl scout record! There was a stack of these, but they were 4 bucks each so I just picked one. I can't wait to listen to it!
 photo 19_zps2eb8bab5.jpg
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  1. I knew I saw a bunny ear in that teaser post. fun finds and glad a couple of spun head angels appeared in your loot. I did not even know Girl Scout records existed. (I was one forever....all the way from brownies to Cadette).

  2. That stork planter would be an absolutely brilliant baby gift..
    Those cassette boxes are brilliant. And the scotty book ends.
    Our Christmas cards were always put on the strings with those little pegs. That was in the days when people actually got/received loads of cards!

  3. Love the bookends--too cute! And the little seal, too.

  4. Looks like a great sale!! You found such cute treasures!!!

  5. I had to maximize every picture - there is so much to look at!! I see so many things I like!! Lucky you!!

  6. I am intrigued by those cassettes. I have used a lot of cassettes over the years but I've never seen any like that. Big stuffed bunny love!

  7. Such a fun batch of things! Love the bookends!
    I've seen that star at antique stores, and I know it's in my Christmas Collectibles book!
    Erica :)

  8. Those tapes are super cool! I would have loved to been given a mixed tape like that...or one at all I guess : ) Wah wah...
    I love the card clothesline, such a neat idea. And the bunny is terrifying. Why did they insist on red eyes back in the day? Just scary!

  9. Oh my gosh!! You didn't even talk about that little glass box with Santa and a cat! AND a clock!
    That is the cutest thing ever :) I really want to make some of these little things,why am I not making them?
    I love that you shared with us and I feel ya on not goin out so much anymore..... less is more ;) even though I would totally like more!

  10. Good finds!

    I actually just redonated a bunch of stuff to the thrifts (27 garbage bags full..yes I am a hoarder!) and got rid of those 2 exact games.

  11. Those are so cute! I've never gone to an estate sale, but I've been looking some up and I think I've got to try to go to one some time! I love the bunny! I already hoard old holiday stuff, so why not hoard other people's holiday stuff?


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