Sunday, October 13, 2013

The City Museum!

We went to St. Louis in September so Travis could run in another Tough Mudder race. I went to the race last time he did one, and I learned my lesson! This time I got my best friends to come, and we went and did something fun while he did the race. We went to the City Museum. It was my third trip, but it was just as much fun as the first two times!
 photo 01_zps351a613c.jpg
It is an incredible place! It is mostly a giant amazing playground. There are no maps and no signs so you really just have to explore. Also, I took way too many pictures here. It is taking me forever to go through them!
 photo 02_zps4f743c59.jpg
 photo 03_zpsc7c84686.jpg
The most amazing part, I think, is when you are going through these dark man made caves, then suddenly you look up and see all the way up ten stories. It is so cool!
 photo 04_zpsed887317.jpg
You climb all the way to the top to go down the ten story slide! Last time we were here the line was SO LONG we never did the slide. This trip we did it so many times! It made me dizzy and shake a little, but it was so fun!
 photo 04b_zpsf1c0f059.jpg
There is Thomas going down!
 photo 05_zps16f9ba23.jpg
The place was made by artists so there are all kinds of great touches. I always love this little hot dog guy.
 photo 06_zps1e5efdf7.jpg
There is a side show/circus/beatnik themed bar on the fourth floor.There are so many things in there I would love to steal and bring home with me.
 photo 07_zpsf4c0b4c7.jpg
 photo 08_zps31c9315c.jpg
Especially that hair sign!! Gimmie!
 photo 09_zps9c48501c.jpg
 photo 10_zpsfce2f861.jpg
 photo 11_zps595c3302.jpg
You can take the stairs, or climb up weird tubes. That rebar HURTS your knees! They rent knee pads in the gift shop for us geezers.
 photo 12_zps8e8e486b.jpg
There are a few exhibits in the museum. I love this one that is full of stuff that a guy found in old out house sites. I love all the doll heads. There were tons of pipes and dishes too.
 photo 13_zps866b8c8f.jpg
Another favorite part is the snowflake lady. You go in her littler room and cut out paper showflakes and she tells you stories. We got here to tell us ghost stories about the museum and got so freaked out!! It is so fun!
 photo 14_zps5c7a7b0b.jpg
I did a bat this time.
 photo 15_zps79560db0.jpg
Amazing! I have a kangaroo and a meerkat and a tiger from other visits.
 photo 16_zps237d2611.jpg
Some of the walls are completely covered with letterpress blocks. Look at those deer!
 photo 17_zpsc84e1ac2.jpg
I really love this three story slide! The best way to get to the bottom floor!
 photo 18_zps9d6acf0e.jpg
 photo 19_zps458462ee.jpg
We took a break in the middle of the day to get something to eat. They have food to buy there but there wasn't much I could eat. I looked up this place with my Happy Cow app and it sounded good.
 photo 20_zps0f75fb6a.jpg
Little did I know it was also a human sexuality lending library! Haha. It is so funny to me that none of the reviews mentioned it. The theme continued with the menu.
 photo 21_zpsfce3ab25.jpg
I got the farmer's daughter and it was really delicious! Everyone liked their sandwiches, my only complaint was that they brought them out one at a time, with about 5 to 10 minutes in between. It was weird. But it was a great time to recharge before we went back to the museum and tackled the roof and outside area. And you better believe I'll be back to tell you alllllll about that!
 photo 23_zpse6a524a5.jpg


  1. Every time I see this place it looks so fun but super inaccessible. Womp.

    1. oh yeah, there would be almost nothing you could do. bummer!

    2. yeah...i was like everything that looks fun isn't kimmie friendly. Luckily, I can live vicariously through your pictures!!!

  2. I. HAVE. TO. GO. THERE. What to like most? The tinsel-bound pterodactyl? The bat snow flake? The beatnik bar? GIRL.

    1. you have GOT too! it is a perfect weekend trip destination!

  3. Oh man, that reminds me of when we found Aunt Mary's on Happy Cow and had no idea it was also a sex shop:

    This place looks so fun! I love that she has a Girl Scouts of America logo SNOWFLAKE as an example! Hardcore!

    1. hahah, i love that someone else had an experience like that too.

  4. City museum is easily one of my fav places in St. Louis. Bob Cassilly, the man who built the city museum, was a St. Louis legend...totally worth a read of his wikipedia page. He died tragically while building what would have no doubt been another amazing and creative St. Louis destination, Cementland.

    1. wow! i wish he had been able to finish cementland! thanks for sharing that, I had no idea.

  5. Oh wow! That place is nuts! I've never seen anything like that. What was that hanging up around the Pterodactyl?

    1. it is just ripped cloth i think. it is all hanging from a metal grid. doesn't it look pretty?


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