Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The City Museum: Part Two!

I had to split my City Museum post in two because that place it too amazing for just one! This post is mostly about the outside. The inside is fun, but the outside is even better! It is this crazy maze of tunnels and stairs and weird birdcage things to climb into.
 photo 01_zps5ee0c673.jpg
 photo 02_zpsfb171baa.jpg
Look at this giant ball pit! Marc and I were the only ones who were brave enough. It is full of little boys throwing balls really hard at each others faces.
 photo 03_zps7bbab57e.jpg
You can also stand above it all and look town. And the boys will try to hit you with balls from down there. So violent!
 photo 05_zps03f19a3c.jpg
I love that this place is in the middle of the city.
 photo 06_zpscb26d70b.jpg
I was not brave enough to go through this tube. But I did go in the bus that is dangling off the edge of the roof. It isn't as scary as it looks.
 photo 07_zps0c03051f.jpg
It is 5 extra dollars to go up on the roof, but it is worth it! You can climb up the inside of this dome.
 photo 08_zps0d4e6e07.jpg
While waiting for your friend to climb it you can spin around in these weird things.
 photo 09_zps6dbbddf4.jpg
I was too scared to do this too! We called this "the hornets nest" because of the basket at the top. Thomas and Marc said it was terrifying to stand there and look down.
 photo 10_zps18c0940d.jpg
Once you emerge from the top of the dome you can ride a ferris wheel on the top of a 13 story building! AHhh! It is so fun and scary at the same time! We came back and did it again at night and it was even better!
 photo 11_zpsec9c77b1.jpg
I love this praying mantis guy. He is what is on top of that dome.
 photo 12_zpsf09b31bd.jpg
It was such a gorgeous day.
 photo 13_zpsd26fc279.jpg
My favorite this was probably this big slide! It is SO FUN and I went down it probably ten times!
 photo slide_zps42386ea1.gif
Oh yeah, there is also a big bug/taxidermy exhibit. Which I loved of course.
 photo 15_zpsa4253636.jpg
 photo 16_zps48bab6a5.jpg
Gimme those charts!!
 photo 17_zpsd86c0edb.jpg
And I'll take this whole cabinet.
 photo 18_zps9f6b1dfc.jpg
 photo 19_zps46972a20.jpg
There is a large exhibit of architecture salvage, including this case of glass doorknobs. I have clear ones in my house, but I haven't seen the colored ones before! I want turquoise door knobs!
 photo 20_zps297853d2.jpg
And lots of stuff salvaged by building facades! So many beautiful things!
 photo 21_zps62f3ff69.jpg
We left again to get dinner. The best thing about this place was the sign sadly. Travis met us there, and then went back to the city museum. I left my camera in the car and we climbed through the caves and went down slides and rode the ferris wheel until they closed at midnight. It was such a good day. We got back to the hotel and I totally collapsed into bed.
 photo 22_zps11b65e2e.jpg
And just so it is documented here, here are some photos of Travis from his Tough Mudder race, the whole reason we were in Missouri. The left is before, and the right is after. I'm so glad our friend Karina came and did it with him. He had a wonderful time! He is actually doing another one of them this coming weekend in Kentucky. Go Travis!
 photo 23_zps0160291a.jpg


  1. Omigosh! That looks like the most fun ever!!!!

  2. holy! looks like so much fun! I wish we had something like that around here. Jealoussss

  3. is it weird that I really want that taxidermied penguin!??!

  4. This looks like the best adult playground ever! Holy cow...and I love that taxidermy room as well.

  5. I love beautiful little dead things! That taxidermy room is my dream room!


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