Friday, October 11, 2013

Wedding Weekend!

I'm in the middle of my month of weddings, I went to two out of the four this past weekend! On Sunday I was in a wedding for the first time! It was fun! Here are some photos I took over the weekend! I've got another wedding this weekend, and then one more at the end of the month!
 photo 01_zps4e3531dc.jpg
It rained almost the whole day Sunday, but it was still beautiful. They got some pictures with a cute bubble umbrella.
 photo 02_zps1bf3ba79.jpg
Dresses in shades of coral and peach.
 photo 03_zps61826447.jpg
I wanted to get some fancy heels, but then I decided that flats are more my style. GLITTER flats.
 photo 04_zps5bd37945.jpg
Crystal and I were cracking up about how "normal" we looked at the wedding! I wish I had gotten a pic with my real camera. I don't know if I'll ever be seen in white and peach again!
 photo 05_zpsd9cfcf67.jpg
Wedding donuts and gnome toppers.
 photo 06_zps997c38e3.jpg
I really love the rose/succulent/cotton flower combo!
 photo 07_zpsf09b5ce9.jpg
I love weddings so much you guys. I always get teared up. Marissa walked down the aisle to a live acoustic version of "Halo" by Beyonce and I almost LOST IT. It was so perfect!
 photo 08_zps0dd29ce5.jpg
(So my friend Thomas has called me "Rae Dawg" forever and it turned into all of us calling each other "dawg" and now we usually just say "doggies." It is silly and I love it. You should know I REALLY love you if I call you doggy. Haha.)
I danced SO HARD at this wedding that by the end I couldn't physically dance another moment. It was so fun! The DJ told us to be sure and drive safe at the end, and I wanted to tell him "We aren't drunk! We just love to dance!" I think this weekend is going to be even crazier! I can't wait! photo 09_zps79667cb3.jpg
The other wedding we went to was at a huge church. As soon as we walked in we heard some friends calling us from a few stories up. "Do you guys know where the wedding is??"
 photo 10_zpsb1345d87.jpg
It was another beautiful one.
 photo 11_zps27ba2e76.jpg
I loved their favors! The wedding was book themed.
 photo 12_zps1a24ae6d.jpg
We picked the To Kill a Mockingbird table.
 photo 13_zps55d5d5d0.jpg
The beautiful bride and groom.
 photo 14_zps3310f413.jpg
While we waited for them to get done with photos we played trivia (we know the groom from our weekly trivia team! It was fun!) They also had a wedding hash tag for instagram, which I think is fun. Theirs was mostly filled with photos of our table goofing off.
 photo 15_zps9d955208.jpg
I liked their cake table! Such a good idea to have a bunch of cakes, and the books! If you look down in the corner you can see a few vegan cupcakes for Travis and me! Isn't that sweet? They were GOOD too!
 photo 16_zpsd790bc75.jpg
I couldn't resist taking a photo of us in front of their cute book backdrop on our way out.
 photo 17_zpsf3cf4451.jpg
Ryan is the pez king and likes to bring a themed pez to most events. I'm going to pretend he brought Spock for me, not because the groom is a Trekker.


  1. Jamie's gonna be really stoked he made your blog!

  2. What a rad wedding. The bride and groom look so happy and you looked so beautiful. So nice that they had vegan cupcakes for you.:)

  3. I went Trek because of Drew....but I picked Spock because of you.

    That's my little poem. Hope you like it.

  4. I agree, that bouquet is so beautiful! and...a book themed wedding~ so perfect. The backdrop of book pages and flowers is so romantic!

  5. what beautiful weddings and you look divine, your hair is really cute. i love the spock pez my one regeret from my own wedding is that i did not walk down the aisle to the star trek theme, it was pooh poohed by several people and at the time i was 23 and let myself be bossed, i should have done it! I did mulder and scully of the x files on our cake though

    urban hounds

  6. Such beautiful weddings! You have very creative friends. I love your shoes! You guys looked great.
    I get choked up at weddings too. The second they start the music I tend to get a little verklempt! (however you spell that)


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