Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April Flea Finds!

Last month I hardly found anything I wanted at the flea market, but this month there was cool stuff everywhere! I think Kimmie might have been my good luck charm!
 I definitely don't need any more planters, but this sweet lamb was just a buck so she couldn't stay behind. When I saw the kangaroo I liked it, but when I turned it over to look for the tag I saw it was Walt Disney! It is the Kanga (and Roo) from the old Winnie the Pooh set! I got Pooh, Rabbit, Eeyore, and Piglet at the world's longest yard sale, so I was happy to find one more! And then of course I couldn't leave any dream pet type reindeer behind! Even missing noses!
 A Junior Deluxe Edition I didn't have, and a wonderful dog paint by number! It is on canvas. Travis found this one, I can't wait to find a frame for it!
 The ice capades!
Some cute cracker jack toys, a little Rat Fink, and some boy scout emblems I want to use as cupcake toppers!
 This cuckoo clock is in rough shape but it was CHEAP and easy to fix. I didn't have one with a dog on it in my collection either! This guy has already been glued back together!
 I've been on the lookout for vintage Star Trek stuff since last summer (My "summer of Spock") but never found anything! Then I found these two gems in one go! Even without his outfit I couldn't resist this Spock action figure! He looks pretty snazzy in the speedo/knee high boot combo! I'll see if I can snag his suit cheap on ebay! And that cup! I saw it out of the corner of my eye when walking past a booth that was pretty mediocre and ran back! Of course I'll show you both sides...
Isn't it cute! I wish it was glass, but I still love it! I don't think I'll use it, I don't want those lovely graphics to wear off!
 I had to get this game because my friend Crystal has it and it is so much fun! You lay those cards out and hit the button on top of the yellow thing. It spins and makes a monster, then you slap the card that matches with the little suction cup hand! It can get out of hand really fast! So much slapping!
 I got some photos of course. A highlight is the kid in the bottom left, you can tell from here, but he has his hand on a DEAD RACCOON! Good pose!
 And last but not least I got this great scrapbook! I'll have to do a whole post on it because it has some amazing photos! I was attracted at once to the florida cut out on the front, then flipping through it I saw dogs, kids in costumes, soldiers, parties, the beach, awkward bathing suits...all the things I like!
 It turns out it is a record of the Demas family and their time in Florida! The father was in the Navy and they had twin boys named Ronald and Donald! Just wait until I scan some of it!  The best part, I didn't notice until I got it home and was looking in more detail, but they lived in Sanford! That is where my Grandparent's live now and where my dad spent most of his childhood! How cool!
The pages are in kind of rough shape and I'm thinking about getting some new, acid free paper  that matches the current pages and attaching all the of photos and clippings, etc in there to preserve it. I would put it between the existing covers of course. What do you guys think?


  1. yay! So glad I could bring you some luck. I pretty much forgot completely about half the stuff you bought...even the lamb which I feel like I talked you into! I never work fridays so I am ALWAYS down to go! Also, game night ASAP to play that monster mash game!

  2. You have the best taste!!! I'm holding my breath waiting for the contents of the scrapbook to be revealed. The ice capades pennant is a beauty too!

  3. I have the kangaroo! I thought it may be a dream pet, but mine didn't have the tag. So... I'm super excited that yours does and now I know!!!! :-D Great scores!

  4. Oh I used to love that monster mash game when I was a kid.

  5. You are so lucky finding dream pets!!

  6. That scrapbook!!! Great find, I can't wait to see more of it.


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