Monday, April 7, 2014

Weekend finds!

This past weekend was one of my best ever. Mostly because of Weezer's two night engagement at the Ryman, but that's for another post. I can't even process it enough to write about it now! BUT I also went to two estate sales, and back for a second round at that amazing sale from last week! Here is what I picked up!
I posted about this box of Putz houses last week and how I thought I regret not getting them for 20 bucks. Well they were still there and they let us have them for 10! Such a deal! They are in ok shape, and I have plans to rehab some of them. I'm so excited to make a little Putz village next Christmas!
 That big one in the back is my favorite! Now I just need to find a bottle of old glass glitter!
 I got this little trio of deer too. The guy in the front didn't have a broken leg when I bought them. I dropped them at home. Dang.
 Last but not least, I bought some little scraps of wrapping paper (those are actually from one of the estate sales now that I think of it) and that pretty angel. Her body is made of paper, covered with netting and glitter. And those sparkly arms!

Neither of the estate sales I went to were amazing (one was full of mid century furniture but it sold within moments) but I can always find a few little things. That little cat/child/angel is so cute! I have a few little animals with the pink flowers on their chests. I have tried to find out something about them but could never find the right search terms.
Here is the weird kitty child with some of my other figurines.
 I'm always on the lookout for usable kitchen stuff. Isn't that a cute garlic press? I also can't ever resist old aluminum measuring spoons. I need to do a post on that weird collection.
 I don't come across these fake flowers often but I really like them! I have an arrangement on top of the cabinet in our bathroom, and this one is now in my craft room. Our cats (Scampi specifically) can't leave real plants a lone, so these are a fun alternative.
 A couple old books. I want to actually read the Swiss Family Robinson. The Health Habits book was for Travis, to go with his first aid stuff.
 It has some really beautiful illustrations inside. And weird chapters. There is one about a little girl who gets kidnapped by "Indians" and they threaten to cut off her hair for some reason. And that is supposed to teach you about taking care of your hair by brushing it every night and washing it once a week.
 This one of "Robert and his treasure box" is my favorite! Look at his robe!
In the photos for one house there was an amazing vintage dog bed, but it was gone by the time I got there. Thankfully there were still some dog coats for me to get! 2 bucks a pop and really nicely made!
 I'm sure they belonged to this little lady! There were only two vintage photos in the house, and the cashier let me just have this one. Isn't it great? Those colors! I can't wait to frame it!
I was able to get this vintage set of dog dishes too! Phyllis needs a stand so she can eat comfortably and the one we had wasn't nearly as cute as this one!
Back to the coats, this one is by "Fashions by Rose". it is nice and lined with velvety buttons.
 I mean.....
 And here she is in the little raincoat! 
 And last but not least the Santa beard and hat! Please excuse my face, I was laughing so hard! This is the only picture where I looked simi-normal. Look at Phyllis! I can't wait to put here in this again at Christmas! Travis kept asking her questions and she was doing the pug head tilt and that hat was just flapping around. Best 50 cents I've ever spent!
 Last but not least, I don't need another afghan but this one was too pretty to resist.
 I don't have any photos of the houses this week. They weren't very interesting, but this was in the yard next door to one of the houses. I want one of those bird baths so bad! but never see them for sale. There were actually two in this yard! The other one was mini sized. Someday one will be mine!


  1. Those doggie coats!!! The ladies look so cute!!!

  2. Hurray for your little village! Half price bonus.

  3. That Santa outfit! Gosh what a cutey - great finds :)

  4. Those mini deer are so hard to find in portugal but they are on my fave vintage finds. Oh that doggie photo, you scored the cutest thing ever, love the colors on it and that couch. Afgans if in good price and condition I think its alawys allowed to bring home ^^

    1. i love them too! i don't come across them very often but alway snap them up when I do!

  5. Phyllis is such a fashion plate!!!

    It's great that you ended up with the Putz houses and cheaper this time round - that's the best!!

  6. I have a sitting up kitty that matches that one! and one of the poodles too :)

  7. I don't even know how you get anything done because your pugs are the cutest!

    Glad you went back to that sale to see what was left and got the houses. You just never know what the discount day brings!

  8. how do you find these amazing sales! Putz hoses for ten dollars one on etsy is 35! you need to start a business where people send you money and you thrift for them

    retro rover


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