Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Estate Finds!

Here is what I brought home from our epic estate sale tour last weekend! As you can see, I did pretty well! I forgot to take a full photo, but I found the most amazing beach towel! You can kind of see it under the Mary Poppins book. It has sun glasses and lipstick and a GIANT comb. I've been looking for one for our beach trip in July but didn't want to pay 20 bucks for a boring striped one at Target. 
 First up, I did pretty well in the Christmas department. I was going to leave these balls behind because I don't really NEED them, but then I found the whole box was 25 cents, and I could I leave those?
Isn't that deer sweet? Even with the crazy blue eyes. And that glass! I can't pass up a cool vintage glass when it is a good size. Lots of vintage glass ware is SO SMALL and we drink lots of water in this house.
That peacock was calling my name! I spotted it from across the room. That little spun head guy was on the floor almost under a chair leg. It was like he was calling out to me! He is TINY, about an inch tall.
 I have a few of these handmade mice already and I'm always on the lookout for me. Betty Craft wrote a great post on them over at No Patterned Required. Isn't the little choir cute?
 I picked up this adorable floor wax can for a certain blog friend! (Check out the sixth photo down!)
 Shell dog with a pipe cleaner color. I didn't even debate with myself on this one. Right up my alley.
The perfect Easter bunny! I've been picking up quite a few vintage stuffed animals lately. I try not too, sometimes they are just TOO good. Look at that tongue! And the illustrations in the Mary Poppins book are gorgeous.
 I found these patriotic Annalee donkeys that I hadn't seen before! They are the old made in the usa ones. The guy on the card is a pin. The other one is on a long piece of wire. I'm not sure what he is supposed to be used for. I'll probably just add another pin back. Looking online it looks like these guys are from 1972 and usually sell for about 30 bucks. I got a great deal!
 Some chalkware Florida souvenirs. 
You see puzzles at estate sales all the time, but I have never noticed vintage ones like these! I love the images! And some of them had little notes included with the last time they were done (mostly 1958-1960) and information about how many pieces were missing.
 Look at those colors!
 I think the guys in the canoe is my favorite. I can't wait to do this one! 
I also picked up this game that I have passed up a few times before. It looks like Chinese checkers mixed with Sorry. I'll let you know how it goes when we play it soon.
 That's it! What a good weekend! The whole time I was taking these photos Scampi was trying to lay on top of everything. Once I finally squirted her with water, she spent the rest of the time laying like this at my feet, trying to tempt me into petting her belly. Aw Scamps.
This weekend is the flea market and a few more good looking sales. I hope I have more good luck!


  1. Aww! Scampi! You found some great things. I've never seen one of those deer with blue eyes before! And that swordfish puzzle is ah-mazing. And hello, FLOOR WAX. I am so excited about it. I even blew up the photo that you sent and made the Mister stare at it while I talked about how cute it was. :)

  2. You did really well. I am not usually an Annalee fan but those donkey heads are awesome. Santa and the Easter bunny would have come home with me too!

    1. I'm the same way, the only annalee I ever really like is the deer, but the donkies are so cute!

  3. My heart skipped a beat - I had that Mary Poppins booK, it was so nice, I got it for Christmas, sadly, it wasn't kept. That's a great find!

    You really did find some great Christmas stuff!

  4. those Christmas ornaments!! my dad loved to play Aggravation! one of the only games I ever remember him playing with us. we had an 80's version... I think I still have it! :)

  5. you know, just catching up..... maybe my favorite way to spend a relaxed holiday morning is over here at Rae's. Those mice! And those donkey heads!


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