Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Estate Sale Report: Six In One Day!

This past weekend my friend Thomas was in the mood to check out some estate sales, and you know I was only too happy to oblige! We ended up going to six! Nothing incredible, but it was fun! Here are some highlights from the day: 
 Look at this beautiful house! It was in a part of town I'm not familiar with at all and Thomas and I kept getting distracted by the crazy mansions in the area. This one was more normal sized.
 Oh gimme either one of these babies! They still worked, but weren't for sale. 
 It was hard to get a good photo but this house had a crazy basement bar! One whole wall was Jack Daniels barrels. It looked cool, and felt you you were line for a ride at Disneyland.
 Someday I'll have a basement. And maybe a bar. They just look so cool!
The house was weird. There wasn't much left, almost no furniture. But the old cleaning supplies were there. I like that Lan-o-sheen box especially.
 There's nothing like an old appliance. So cute!
The spoils from that house! The reason I wanted to stop by was that Santa! They wanted 65 for him, but since it was the last day of the sale I got a MUCH better deal. I have been waiting for a good price on one of these guys! He turned out to have a music box embedded in him too! Oh Santa!
There was a random pile of newspaper in a garage and this 80's ad caught my eye. I want that ET clock! Or the Garfield sleeping bag! The cloud car is pretty awesome too.
 Personalized potholders! 
 Another gorgeous stove. 
 Another basement rumpus room. Complete with panelling and a horse tapestry on a frame.
 I kind of wish I had gotten that horse and foal print. 
 I did NOT buy this poodle candle with jewel eyes believe it or not. 
Look at that babe carrying my vintage puzzles to the car. I'm glad he likes to spend his weekend looking through strangers houses.
 I'm regretting leaving that carafe behind. I think it was half off too. Ah!
 Check out that groovy dog. This sale looked promising but we didn't take anything home. 
I almost got this boy scout flag. There was just something about it! But I didn't know where to put it.
Last but not least, a clown! This sale was awesome and filled with weird art and a huge doll house and the most amazing antique black forest mirror! But all the best stuff was either not for sale, or REALLY out of my price range. It was still fun to look.
 After all that time we were starving so after Thomas dropped us off at home we went to our favorite little neighborhood Mediterranean place for lentil soup, fries, and hummus. It was so good!
As always, I'll be back tomorrow to show you what I picked up!

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