Sunday, September 7, 2014

Breakfast at Khan's!

Last weekend Travis and I went to Dyersburg, TN to visit his family. I took my camera with me, but for some reason the only photos I ended up taking were us at breakfast on the way out of town. But they are cute! So I'm going to share!
The pugs were on their way to my parents house for the weekend so they were with us. We wanted to give ourselves a little treat so we went to Khan's Desserts in East Nashville. As the name implies they have amazing vegan desserts, but they also do a great breakfast! (and lunch!) And they had some outside tables for the girls and I to wait while Travis made our order.
 Phyllis sat under this plant for most of our time there. 
 Such a precious thing! She is doing MUCH better after her tumor scare.
 We both always get the disco biscuit. It is SO GOOD. Travis gets his with both vegan sausage AND bacon. The egg is some kind of tofu thing maybe? I'm not sure but it is delicious. And the biscuits!
Phyllis came out of the plants to watch us eat. They got a few little crumbs. It started to sprinkle rain about this time and Priscilla would feel the drops on her head and think I was throwing her crumbs and try to catch them! It was pretty dang cute.
Yum! That is mine with just the vegan bacon. We've tried to recreate these biscuits at home but they are never as good. We got some sandwiches to go (The Surly Bird is perfection) and then headed out of town. Here are the only other pics I took the whole weekend. Travis and our nephew Ellis, in matching outfits as always! And since we were in the middle of nowhere, I splurged and got us a room with a jacuzzi tub! You better believe I sat in that thing and read for at least an hour! It was the best!


  1. That food looks SOOOO good!!! And your dogs are the best.

  2. the food looks delish and the dogs adorable and I sure love the restaurants name!

    retro rover

  3. We serve something very similar to your biscuit here in Jacksonville, they call it a "double down destroyer" at Sweet Theory, so delicious. :D love you doggies/photos as always.

  4. I would have loved to see your little guys try and catch the crumbs in their mouthes. So cute.


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