Monday, September 1, 2014

Estate Sale Report!

Last Friday my friend Thomas went with me to a few estate sales around town. There were a couple great houses! Check out the wallpaper in this dining room!
 Close up. The colors really make it, especially that acid green.
There was a bunch of silly Christmas stuff at this house. Don't you love the fabulous eye lashes on some of those snowmen?
 I was tempted by that hanging plant. And that thing with the string and the branches inside!
The lady who lived here obviously loved crafts There was a whole room full of pom poms and pipe cleaners and beads and craft kits. Everything in there was 5 for a dollar.
There was a whole box of doll heads! We bought five and took them to another friend's nearby house. I have a key so we went in and hid the doll heads all over her living room. She found them that night and said the first one made her scream! Hahaha. We had so much fun hiding them!
The people who lived here must have had a child in the 60's, and a grandchild in the 80's. There were boxes and boxes of toys that I had when I was little! I remember the commercial for that Hot Potato in the top of the photo. The rest of the box was full of Happy Meal toys and I'm pretty sure I had all of them.
This guy was kind of creepy! Apparently he is for kids who want a toy that is a jerk to them. If you can read the box, if you pick him up he says "Put me down, you're funny looking!' Among other things.
 Nut art. And a sweet little staircase display shelf. 
 The animals on these bowls are so cute!
A cow Comet cozy. I have two of these guys, a panda and a poodle. The cow was really greasy (from sitting above the skillet probably) so she stayed behind.
 Here is what I brought home, with bonus Scampi. 
 The Bart and the little Marty McFly toy are for a friend. 
 Cute cake decorations! I need to make a cake so I can use them. Maybe tomorrow...
The owl is a magnet! The only Christmas I came home with is the starburst ornament and that knit mouse. And I love the wishbone brooch!
And you know I can't leave behind a movie tie in game. It doesn't have the instructions but I'm sure we can find them online. Home Alone party this Christmas!


  1. the wall paper is gorgeous and your estate sale coverage kills me I wish I could find amazing things like that

    retro rover

  2. I had that Home Alone game when I was a kid!

  3. Ok. I better be invited to the home alone party! I am hoping it is dress up because I wanna be a wet bandit! Also I had all those berenstein bear happy meal toys in that box full of toys.


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