Monday, September 29, 2014

Instalife: What I've Been Up To

We're getting ready for a pretty big road trip in a few weeks (more on that later) so things have been a little quiet around here. Lots of sleepy afternoons being a pug bed and watching Netflix. Look at these cuties!
Travis' parents gave us passes to see West Side Story at the Symphony Center recently. It was amazing! The whole symphony plays all of the music along with the movie. West Side Story is one of my favorite movies of all time, I got a little teary eyed pretty near the beginning, just because it was SO amazing to hear the music like this! I definitely want to try and got to a few more of these movie events the symphony puts on.
In a totally different vein we also went to see Kevin Smith's new movie, Tusk. If you haven't heard of it go watch the preview. It is SO WEIRD.
I don't have as many weddings to go to this year as I did last year (four in one month and I was in two of them!) but I'm going to three. The first one was a few weekends ago and my friend Thomas went as my date because Travis was out of town. I had fun helping to decorate the car. I'm off to a wedding in Dallas pretty soon.
After the wedding we went to the Pinewood Social which is a super trendy "social club" in town. Honestly it's just ok. If I could eat any of the food I might like it better. But the cocktails are expensive (That is an Everything's Subject to Change) and I've never had one that really blew me away. (My bill was over 24 dollars and I had one drink and hummus with a cucumber) The place is really beautiful though. And I've heard it's great at breakfast.
On the right you see a random midweek cake we made. Complete with gnomes and trees.
Travis and I are almost done with the first season of Hannibal. It is SO GOOD. I kind of can't believe I hadn't heard that much about it. Anybody else watch it? We're going to catch up and then hopefully watch it with friends when the third season starts.
I bought Travis this shirt from the Six Dollar Tshirt site. How freaking cute is it? And I love that he is happy to wear it. He is totally a cat person.
I thought we were done with summer but last week I got invited out to Percy Priest lake. I thought it would be a little chilly but it was perfect! Travis brought me my bathing suit and I got a last great swim in off a little island in the middle of the lake. We stayed until it started to get dark.
We parked at a new boat ramp this time that is near the sailboat harbor. As we got a ride back to the boat ramp there were probably 20 sailboats out! It was so beautiful! And of course we had to take one last summer selfie.
As much as I love summer I'm excited for fall too. I tried this elderberry cider from Original Sin, and it was good! I also picked up a few pairs of Halloween socks from the Target dollar aisle.
Travis carved me a pumpkin! I tried to get a cute shot with my black cat, but it didn't work. I finally retired the puts Martha Stewart pet collars (they were about three years old and a little too ragged) so they are in seasonal collars while I look for new ones I like. I don't know why it is proving difficult.
I brought out the halloween bandanas. And I picked up a silly black cat bed! It has ears and a little face in the middle. It has proved very popular. There is always a dog or cat in it. So cute!
I came in the living room the other night and Scout was laying there in front of that Billy Joel record. Haha!
And last but not least. Travis has been away twice recently at scooter rallies. So we send each other winking pictures. I'm glad he doesn't have another one for a while. It is lonely to be home all by myself for the whole weekend!


  1. really cute pictures the pugs and you are look good
    retro rover

  2. such cute pictures! the next doggy I adopt is so gonna be a pug :)

  3. You guys always do things. I get tired just reading your blog.

    p.s. I am lazy.

  4. Jamie bought all those dollar aisle socks too (even though I think they are for ladies)...he wore those green ghostie ones yesterday!


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