Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Tennessee State Fair

We live very close to the Tennessee State Fair Grounds, but I haven't been to the state fair since 2000! (We went because Weird Al was playing the fair! Haha!) We decided to check it out this year and went on the last night.
We used to go to the Wilson County Fair every year, but haven't been in a few years. That one is really focused on agriculture, the state fair here is mostly rides and food. And prizes! I loved seeing all the piles of weird prizes. Like these inflatable princess mallets.
We stopped to watch a guy who was juggling knives. The show was ok and we were about to walk away then Travis got called up to help and I'm so glad we stayed! We were laughing so hard!
He sent Travis back to the audience then asked this guy to light these torches and throw them to him! So scary! Travis said he was glad it wasn't him.
I want one of those ETs! Or I'll take a Jake.
Look at that baby cow!
There was a little section of the fair dedicated to Mexico. We walked over to watch some dancing that was going on. Travis asked a woman running one of these food booths what these little wagon wheel shaped chips were, but she didn't understand and told him the price. So he just bought them! Hahah, good thing he liked them. With hot sauce of course.
Like I said, the fair was mostly rides and food. We searched for tornado potatoes but no one was selling them! I wish there would have been some kind of vegan funnel cake option.
Crystal went for a food long corn dog.
I got a big lemonade and a bucket of fries! Yes!!
I couldn't get over how HUGE some of the prizes were. Look at those things!
We wandered around looking at everything. None of us were interested in riding anything. I was surprised that there weren't any shows going on! Maybe because it was the last night.
Unlike the other fairs I've been too, this one seemed to have one company doing everything, so there wasn't much of the cool vintage fair look we all love to see. I liked this skee ball trailer though!
This couple was hauling around so many toys! I wonder if they have tons at home. Also, notice the Rasta bananas. Those seemed to be really popular.
I wouldn't mind winning a Pikachu!
There was a huge train set that was so neat to look at! There was a little graveyard with a tiny figure of death on a mountain overlooking it! I loved this little motel scene. See the woman in red to the right, trying to get her little white cat out of the tree? And if we zoom in....
Look at that "Just Married" car! So cool!
It will probably be a while before we go to the fair again. But it was a fun way to spend a few hours with my best friends.


  1. I want to go to a fair and take pictures!!!! Fun!

  2. Looks fun! Those "wheels" are called duros or duritos. They are made of wheat. They are pretty tasty with some lemon and hot sauce!


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