Saturday, November 29, 2014

Road Trip Souviners!

You know me, I love a souviner! Once the trip is over it is fun to pull everything out and reminisce. This time I kept everything together in a box in the trunk of our rental car, which worked out great! Thought it added up to more than I expected! We brought home EIGHT mugs! Ah!
Eight mugs, and two cups. Geeze! I got an ornament at the Christmas Story house, a new collar for Phyllis, and that bucket of pez of course.
We have been collecting magnets from places we have been since we were dating. Our fridge is pretty full now!
And you know I collect smashed pennies. Looking back at these photos I'm not sure where that Star Trek pin came from...I lost the skeleton pin from the Muter museum almost immediately after we got home. Dang! The vintage paper bat was a gift, and check out that book! Have you see the Pulp the Classics series of books? I LOVE them! I couldn't resist this one of one of my favorite books. Oh Darcy!
Here is all the glassware we came home with. Haha! We bought a bunch of the Starbucks location mugs for Travis' parents, who collect them, and the Niagara Falls one was so cool I had to get one! The Poe is from Baltimore of course, and by the time we got to Cleveland we didn't need anymore mugs but I could not resist that Cleveland Steamer one.
I brought home a nice selection of vintage photos.
These are from that shop in Salem. They are pretty big and beautiful shots. I love the ones of guys with cameras. Someday I have plans for a display of Travis' vintage cameras with these photos.
This pair might be my favorite from the trip! Look at that puppy pocket!
I got a bunch for my vintage dog collection, and look at that little boy holding the toy poodle! There is a toy poodle under the Christmas tree.
Look at the Niagara Falls photos! It's so fun to find vintage photos of places you have been, especially while you are on the trip! And that goat cart!
I had to bring home this one of the little girl and the muff with the dolls face! And look at that cutie with her birthday cake!
And last but not least, a poodle cozy! Yay!


  1. I wish Newman and Dre were compliant enough to allow me to put them in cargo pockets. UGH! I love all the mugs. I have a bit of a mug problem too. I used to buy one everytime I went to goodwill....especially old pottery ones. I am a sucker for those ones that look like someone made the 20 years ago in a ceramics class.

    1. we have a ton on the shelves over our stairs, because they wont fit in our cabinets!

  2. You brought home fun stuff, Rae - and lots of pics to add to your collection!!

  3. What great stuff! I LOVE that you give someone else's photo memories a home!

  4. Love those photographs! Looks like it was one fun trip.
    <3 Jackie @ Let's Go Thrifting

  5. I used to have that very same Shenadoah Caverns pennant hanging about my office


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