Monday, December 1, 2014

The November Flea: Kistchmas is Coming!

It is December 1st so I can post about Christmas now! Ha! I'm slowly getting out my bins and bins of vintage Christmas stuff and I'll show you once I'm done (or close to done!) Until then, let's talk about the November flea market. We missed October since we were out of town, but this month was great! The weather was BEAUTIFUL! I even had to take my hoodie off and walk around with short sleeves because I got so hot. Maybe that is because of all the Santas I saw!
I need one of those little rolly ones. The lashes!
Came in for a closer look at that snowman riding the reindeer, got distracted by the creepy glass baby head ornament.
When I walked up to this box she said she'd do 2 bucks each. I love it when I get a better price without even asking! You can see my pile to the left.
I love that sign. I don't really have any dolls or I would probably have bought it.
Salt and pepper shakers, four bucks a set! I wish I had gotten those wooden mushrooms. I didn't notice them.
Still haven't found Hearthrob, or a playable Mystery Date. Someday.
I really want some bean art. But all I find are roosters. And I'm just not into that.
More Santas! My man!
There is a lady who is always there in October and November and she has the BEST Christmas stuff but it is so expensive! I guess people must give her what she asks, but it feels like high antique mall prices to me. I always like looking though.
Sweet little snowmen.
Look at this giant Santa! I love him!
These guys were 18 dollars EACH! Usually you see them for about 12 and she wouldn't come down. And they were just thrown in this crappy box. I didn't add any of these guys to my collection this year.
This whole stack of paint by numbers wasn't painted well, but there was something about this Geisha. I regret not getting her.
Travis broke his glasses (they were his grandpa's army glasses! bummer!) while cleaning them, so he couldn't see too well this month. He carried my purchases for me. Look at those bears! I did NOT need them but I had to have them.
I mean, look at how sweet! I took the raffia off the big one of course. I'll be back tomorrow to show you what else I got!


  1. I love the bears! Poor Travis :(
    OK, What is that woman smoking???? $18.00 EACH for pinecone elves? I hope she had to take them all home with her! I hate when people are greedy. Plus, she's selling them at a Flea Market, not an antique store. I totally would have said something (snotty lol) to her.
    Anyway, you're lucky you have a fun place like that with so much vintage Christmas to look at!
    Erica :)

    1. seriously. i understand that is how she makes her money, but that isn't even a reasonable price for this area!

  2. If I was in the presence of all that kitschy kitschmas stuff I think Id die why oh why don't they have flea markets like that here. do you have a source for finidng flea markets

    retro rover

    1. you know, the Nashville flea is the only really good one i've ever been too. On the route to Kentucky there are bunch but whenever we've stopped they've been terrible! I'm just lucky the nashville one is so good!

  3. Oh, I know my mom had some of those decorations! Not sure what happened to it all! I forgot you collect S&P shakers...I think I should send you some of my stash!


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